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speepdaedeesi 01-01-2009 07:22 PM

blinker bulb is muffed up!

i currently am waiting on a headlight switch in the mail, so i can replace a blinker switch, and head light switch. turn signals and dash lights arent working.

i noticed when i do get them to work.. the signal light is stuck on left, solid and not blinking.

the front turn signal bulb was burned out.

so, i went to replace it a few mins ago.

when i first went to pull it, it wouldnt come out, and it smelled like model airplane glue to me... (i was smoking a cigar, and my nose was running due to it being 7F in my garage right now lol)... it did look a little moist in the connection area.. and there was alot of black crud in it. i thought someone sprayed rhinoliner in there accidently and it had stuck in place, or that the model glue smell was from someone gluing the light in or something.

finally got it to pop out and this is what i found. :zap:sheeeit!:zap: i had to pop the bulb to get my needlenose on it good enough to yank it out

i think the short in the headlight and signal switch are related to this somehow. maybe whatevers muffed up shorted the headlight switch, then signal switch , then turn signal bulb. hell i dont know wtf

plus i wasnt wearing latex gloves due to thinking i wouldnt get dirty and now my hands smell like burnt plastic :sick:

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