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insylem 06-01-2013 05:06 PM

First Time Offroad
A Friend of mine and I went off roading today for the first time in my Unlimited Rubicon!

We took it easy since I just got it last week. I wanted to try out my lockers and disconnecting swaybar. I have the hard top and we took off the freedom panels. That let him stand up in the passanger seat to see ahead farther. He knew of an undevoloped neighbhood where people go dirt bike rideing. So thats where we went. I have to get the hang of shifting into and out of 4Hi and 4LO. It says do go into 4Lo at a crawl. But when we were doing that the Jeep stoped before I could get it into 4Lo, so my friend got out and pushed a little. :rofl:

Coming out of the area it was going over a hump then down onto asphalt. It seemed kind of rough going from 4lo to 2hi though, even though we were going slow. The manual talks about going into 4Lo but doesnt really cover coming out of it very well. Maybe Ill have to find an empty field and practice. Also took a while for the swaybar to relock/connect. I tried the starting in gear without the clutch. My friend was impressed, so was I, that was cool.

We took it easy some. It was really fun though. I'll have to go to Boggs N Boulders sometimes.

Any tips and Suggestions would be welcome.

Brickonaskate 06-01-2013 05:46 PM

I always stop to change the transfer case. Just play with the clutch and take it in and back out of gear to get the gears to move around a little if it doesn't wanna change ranges.

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