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ThingsAbove 06-03-2013 01:09 PM

Terraflex Exhaust Spacer -- strange noise?
After installing my Terraflex exhaust spacers I sometimes hear I really harsh exhaust noise on hard acceleration. I only notice it with my rear window out and driving next to something to reflect the noise back to me. I don't hear it with the windows up so it's not like it's reverberating through the frame, just changed the exhaust note to something... unpleasant.

Has anyone else noticed a different sound from the exhaust during acceleration?

Here are some pictures... not of the noise.

Drivers side

Passenger side


WhiskeyMike 06-22-2015 10:25 AM

Hi Things, did you figure it out what it was and did you do anything special to rectify the leak? I have a noise that sounds pretty nasty and I've been struggling trying to figure out what it is. I've checked the u-joints, drive shaft boots and various other things underneath and have come up with nothing, except I notice some condensation and some very black soot at two points around the spacer. My noise is harsher than yours it sounds like, but is only when the jeep is under slight flex like slight turns, dips, and things when on the road. I'm guessing that under the slight flex, it's separating ever so slightly and vibrating against each other making the noise. It's very intermittent and very difficult to determine if it's in the front or back, but I'm thinking that's because it's directly below the driver and mostly what I hear is it bouncing off the front/rear areas.

When I get home tonight, I'm going to take that section apart and see if I can get it tighter to see if the noise goes away. The other thing I thought I'd try is attaching the go pro down there to see if a recording helps at all.

hardrock99 06-22-2015 11:30 AM

It's likely the exhaust vibrating on the frame when the engine is torqued. There's a small member that's about 8" long that runs just beneath where the exhaust crosses over to the Y pipe. I removed the bolt and put a couple washers in to lower it and problem went away. There are many others on this forum that have had the same problem.

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