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EmilyMal 06-04-2013 10:08 PM

Favorite place to go off roading in CT?
Hello, I'm Emily, new to the forum, new jeep owner. I've had my jeep since November and still haven't gone off roading! Where do you go?

On a side note; if someone's willing to discuss tires and rims with me, I'd like to be a little bit more informed. Looking for something along the lines of 18" xd black painted alloy rims and 33'' BFGoodrich A/T tires with a 2.5" lift kit? 3.5"? Where have you gone to get yours?

Anybody drive a 2012 white wrangler sport with black rims? Send pictures!

thor656 06-05-2013 12:04 AM

It seems like you no what you want for a rim. I suggest that you go wider, like a 12.5 inch wide rim. Great for off roading sense it gives alot more grip with a 12.5 inch wide tire. If you want 33 then you want to make sure that your lift will give you the clearance for it. Probably a 3 inch or higher. If your looking at doing some serious off roading then you want a lift with alot of travel. Long arm lifts generally are the way to go because they give you a lot of flex and stability. Your probably gunna want a 4 inch plus lift. It depends on your budget and what you want to do.

EmilyMal 06-06-2013 11:39 AM

Thank you, you're very helpful!

thor656 06-06-2013 12:15 PM

No problem. Any other questions just post it. Check out or they have all sorts of stuff for you to check out. I don't live any where near ct so I cant help you out on trails.

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