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kmoss150 01-05-2009 12:58 AM

Wiring Issues
Hey guys/girls. New to the forum, like what I'm seeing so far, hoping to get some help on my rig. I have a problem with my electrical on my 1999 TJ. My battery died the other day and I had to get a jump. Hooked it up correctly and it started right away. Immediately after the jump, I started having some wiring issues with my lights.

-First I noticed that when I turn my left turn signal on, both the left and right signals will go off.
-Second, when I hit the brakes, the instrument lights light up but only if the headlights are not on.
-Third, the brake lights seem to always be on when the headlights are on. When I press on the brake, no other 'brake' lights come on. (Brake lights work fine when the headlights are not on)

The right signal works fine and so does the headlights / running lights.

I checked and replaced the fusses under the glove box but no improvement. Checked the fusses in the engine bay, and all are working. I also checked the tail light bulbs and they seem to be fine. Disconnected the battery, cleaned the terminals but same problems. Disconnected the negative terminal for 30 mins, (maybe reboot computers?)

Nothing has worked and I need your help! Wondering if anyone can help me with this, or have any ideas about where to start to find the problem. :banghead: THANKS!

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rketr 01-05-2009 08:03 AM


Only thing in common with all that is that it is electrical. I've heard others in the past with similar problems. The answer (so far) has always been a bad ground or two (or three...). :doh:

Would suggest checking your primary grounds (should be one going from battery to engine and another going to the tub on the firewall). Would also check the cable bundle that comes out of the cab into the engine compartment (on the firewall above the clutch pedal). Mebbe some of those have gotten worn down.

Other than that its a lot of trial and error testing of the specific items you listed.

Good luck.

speepdaedeesi 01-05-2009 09:41 AM

i have a similar problem im working the final bugs out.

light related issues.. not the same, but issues none the less. im going to update the tread in a sec. but here it is.

my thoughts are bad ground or two or three lol like rektr said.

my problem with the dash lights was a bad gound on the headlight switch. if you take your dash out youll see theres two connectors on the headlight switch. one big one on the back, and one black small one on top. the small one is the ground. all i had to do is take it apart and clean the connections.

also when you take your dash off check the metal peices under it for alot of surface rust. mine has it i guess from prev owner leaving the top off.

if you can remember which fuses were blown, you know where to start. if you cant use a multimeter (im still learning) find a friend who can and start looking for that bad ground.

dont do what i did and assume its a bad switch. i spend 30 bucks on a blinker switch and 30 bucks on a headlight switch only to return both lol.

get testing.

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