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YjJeepKid 01-05-2009 08:39 PM

ive got a brain teasing eletrical problem
ok my uncle was working in my truck of course and we were working on the eltrical. and we were simply trying to work on the gauge cluster to see y we arent getting any illumination..but anyways my uncle found i have power on my first band of copper and no power on the second and third on the back of the gauges.soooo my uncle tried jumping over power from the first to the second and soo it blew up and fried all the bands.. so thats bustedd and my gas gauge was pinned at full and the other gauges wasent i bought a new gauge cluster and plugged it in today and samething happened ..gas gauge was pinned and nothing else workedd.. i checked all thhe fuses by the steering colum and under the hood and nothing was busted... anyone think they know what it could bee???!!!!!:banghead:

jhilley 01-06-2009 08:58 AM

I would check grounds. That could explain your original guage illumination problem also.

YjJeepKid 01-06-2009 04:46 PM

i cleaned the ground strap under the hood is there anyother grounds some other place

speepdaedeesi 01-06-2009 07:08 PM

yep. grounds.

i had the same problem in my tj. it was a bad ground at the headlight switch.

get your uncle to check everything around the dash area for a bad ground with his multimeter

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