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tj2004icon 01-06-2009 04:15 AM

Fan shroud relocation
I've got an 04 Rubicon w/ RE 2"bb and Daystar 1 bl. The bodylift didn't come with any provisions to relocate the fan shroud. Ended up triming off the bottom part of the shroud. Just enuff to clear the fan. Now when I go wheelin and get in a bind or off camber the fan hits the shroud. Is there a simple way to move the shroud down? I believe that some bodylifts come with some kind of relocation brackets. Would a mml help this situation?

Rogue 01-06-2009 09:23 PM

We just put one of these on my friend's Rubicon after installing a 1 1/4" body lift to fix the same problem you are having: Jeep Accessories - Motor Mount Lift

distortedtj 01-06-2009 10:22 PM

If you have a dremel it is easy. Just remove the bolts holding the shroud in place. Move the shroud down to the desired location to will it will not be hit by the fan...1'' is usually good.

Now mark the hole locations of the shroud on the radiator. Move the shroud out of the way. If you look where and how the shroud is origanaly mounted to the radiator you will see that it has tabs where it is screwed to be held to the radiator.

With a dremel and a small drill bit in it. drill the new mounting holes you marked . ""The 1'' lower than factory marks""

Remount the shroud in the new location.

The dremel is suggested due to it's smaller size and ease to get into the engine bay. A normal drill will work but is a pain to get in there.

And also as mentioned above a 1'' mml will fix the issue also without the movement of the shroud.

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