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SaltySeats 06-08-2013 12:38 PM

Timelie of upgrades?
So I have a stock 11' Sahara JK. Bought it on a whim bc I needed a 4x4 but couldn't fit a full sized pickup in my driveway. To my surprised Im addicted to my jeep and have a laundry list of upgrades for wheeling.

So I want to plan my upgrades out properly over the years so I don't waste time and money. I'm back in school finishing up another degree so working full time and school full time doesn't allow me to wheel a ton and it is also my DD.

With that said I was thinking of putting the following in in order...

Tires/rims 33's
Upgrade steering

Under armor


In a few years I plan to swap axles to some crate axels and run 37's or in that range because than it will no longer be my DD. by than I will be finished with my newest degree and at a new point in life.

So first off how does the order sound? All upgrades I plan on using quality and done right the first time so once it's on to bigger and better I have quality in there.

Second with that line up what size lift would ya'll recommend to accommodate my final product? I'm thinking of going AEV at the moment for lift and a PCS steering, as well as 33 pitbull tires right now. But I know what will work well with that setup vs adding bigger tires and heavy bumpers is totally different.

Can anyone add some input on my plan of attack and what not? Sorry for the long post just looking to put my money wisely into this rig but I know the next few years will be light wheeling and it's hard to justify new axles right now for the price.

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