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beach4x4offroad 01-06-2009 04:02 PM

Factory forgot to remove heater hose clips!!! 2008 Wrangler
I just purchased a 2008 Wrangler Rubicon. 700 miles later one of the heater hoses popped off firewall resulting in a big engine mess, coolant smoke in interior and loss of most of the antifreeze. upon examination of the factory clamp I observed a yellow clip attached to it which prevented it from closing tightly. ( maybe to aid in hose installation on the assembly line ?). The same clip was on the hose next to the one that popped off. (inlet and outlet to firewall - heater core). Has anyone heard of this?? Any suggestions???
Thanks, Brian

jgano23 01-06-2009 04:05 PM

this sounds like an issue that the dealer needs to handle. i am not a big advocate on taking a jeep back to the dealer, but in this case you probably should. the dealer will have to take care of the issue and then go after chrysler to cover it.

ccain 01-06-2009 05:25 PM

Agreed, take it back to the dealer. Sound's to me that they actually either didn't tighten it down enough or there is a blockage. Do you have any pics? Cuz, I seem to remeber there being clips on some of the hose connections, not to prevent tightening but to keep the clamp on the hose during the factory's installation. Either way, the hoses shouldn't pop off a new Jeep in anyway! I'm definite that they will cover it at no cost! Good luck and welcome to the forum. :wavey:

Scout 01-06-2009 05:27 PM

Take it back to the dealer before you mess with anything under the hood. If they see you've done anything to try and fix it that could give them reason to deny a warranty claim.

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