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NTJeep 01-06-2009 05:23 PM

2400 miles on new jk having trans problem
I have a new 2008 JK with 2400 miles and had to have a valve body and torque converter replaced. The check engine light came on an the diagnostics pointed to the transmission. The transmission shifted fine. I would not have even noticed a problem if the check engine light had not come on. The vehicle has NEVER been stressed, I haven't had a chance to take it off road. The dealer has no idea of what might have caused the problem other than the torque converter coming apart. They said that they found metal pieces in the valve body.

The dealer said this was not a common problem; replacing the torque converter and valve body would solve the problem.

Has anyone out there had a similar problem? Any idea of what may have caused the problem?

Would you be comfortable with the replacement of the valve body and torque converter or would you replace the transmission?

Ticked off because this is a new vehicle.

Hitchhiker 01-06-2009 05:40 PM


Ticked off because this is a new vehicle.
I would be too, hope it turns out to be OK and was just a fluke failure.


kbart 01-07-2009 08:35 AM

Not yet, but on start up in morning I sure do get a lot of what sounds like valve chatter.

bgjhnsn 01-12-2009 05:21 PM

2007 JK, 31K miles, dealer replaced entire tranny. Wouldn't go into reverse. Hope your 08 has the lifetime powertrain warranty. If Chrysler isn't broke, they will be soon, fixing all these tranny's.

jk'n 01-14-2009 01:03 AM

This is one of the reasons I like standards. Much less to go wrong with it. Chrysler usually reserves major repairs to difficult to solve problems. If they repaired the transmission and it is showing no signs of the original problem, they would call that fixed. Of course there is customer satisfaction involved too. I wonder how much noise you would have to make to get them to replace the transmission. I think it would be more likely to happen if the problem resurfaces.

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