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biggus35 06-11-2013 09:24 AM

Buying/Owning a Jeep Wrangler - the first 10 days - report from a Newb
I thought this might help some other Wrangler Newbies. Please feel free to add to it if you have something positive and informative or even funny!

Buying/Owning a Jeep Wrangler…The first 10 days and what I’ve learned

In no particular order...

1. Before buying a Jeep come to and read EVERYTHING. The education will serve you well.
2. The reason Wranglers sell for more than book value (,,, etc) is because they are popular AND the owner has spent thousands of dollars for lift kits, transmissions, axles, tires, wheels, new tops, seats, etc.
3. Pay close attention to Threads about Liftkits and wheel/tire sizes. It's much more complicated than you think. has a liftkit assistant feature that might help you understand liftkits vs tire size a little better
4. Wranglers get terrible gas mileage. I swear I can see the fuel gauge needle moving as I drive.
5. Original Equipment Wrangler wheels and tires are plentiful on Craigslist if you want them. Most people (including me) want bigger tires and new wheels. Plan on paying $175 to $350 each for just the tires. Wheels can cost you another $50 to $250 each.
6. Keep on eye on Craigslist. Some people are upgrading or parting out their Wranglers and you might find a deal on something you did not even know you needed!
7. is a good place to find reasonably priced used parts.
8. Hard top owners – several companies offer frameless soft tops. You should research these if you want to add a soft top.
9. sells some new Jeep Parts (Bedrug and soft tops come to mind) much cheaper than some of the vendors on the forum but most of the vendors say they will match or beat lower prices found elsewhere.
10. Wikipedia has a terrific article on Jeep Wranglers. You should read it.
11. You should plan on working on the Jeep yourself because after you’ve bought all the upgrades you won’t have enough money to pay someone to install them!

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