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chesterbhayes 06-11-2013 11:43 AM

JK Cargo Cover
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JK Cargo Cover

Before taking delivery of my '13 2-door Sport HT I knew I'd be taking out the back seat. I also knew I wanted a cargo cover, mostly to hide stuff from prying eyes. I'd seen several on this Forum, but realized they were on Jeeps with the top off. I wanted a cover with the hardtop in place. Without excessive detail I settled on a fabric covering, supported by bungee cords, connected to hooks glued onto the inner lip of the hardtop.

The details:
1] I chose Sun-brella fabric, available from boat upholster shops and better fabric stores. Its heavy duty and fade and rot resistant [2] using 48 flat bungee cord [3] connected to heavy duty nylon hooks [from a boating supply shop] epoxied in place. [4] The rear most hooks were epoxied onto the back of the top instead of the lip, mostly to make them easier to reach and to avoid hooking the wiper wiring by error (picture). [5] I chose not to wrap the cover around the roll bars...I wanted something easy to remove [6] Looking into the rear window with the cover in place it was easy to see stuff stored inside the vehicle. A piece of scrap was sewn onto the rear of the cover to hang down and block the view (picture).

How does it work? Pretty well. It covers the cargo area well, is easy to unhook just the rear bungee which provides ample access without removing the rest of the cover. I have had some problems with the epoxy not holding the hooks. But I've found the bungee will hook just as well under the metal lip of the vehicle where the wheel well carpet meets the top. Also there was some sag in the middle so I added another bungee between the first two. Its not attached to the cover, just clipped to the metal lip.

5' - 60 wide Sun-brella or other heavy fabric [about $40]
3 - 48 long bungee cord [$3 ea from Lowe's]
6 heavy duty nylon hooks [$3 ea from West Marine]
epoxy glue

Pictures and a pattern follow

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