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MDO1265 06-11-2013 01:39 PM

TJ Budget Boost Questions
Hey all !

New to the forum here so bare with me. I did a little looking on the BB topic but the replies all seemed to be from 2011 or earlier. Maybe I was looking in the wrong spot. Feel free to point me towards the right threads. Thats much appreciated. I know my questions have been asked a few thousand times or so.

A few weeks ago I purchased this bone stock 2000 TJ for my daughter as her first car. She grew up around my lifted 79 CJ and of course , we want to do the same to hers.

Anyone care to share some recent product advice on the best riding lift kits / shocks for a daily driver ? My experience is only on my leaf sprung CJ, and I did all that work back in 1995. It was a weekend toy ever since.

The TJ will see only occassional trail rides in the jersey pines where we live, maybe a muddle puddle or 2, nothing serious by any stretch. Though I did take her out last weekend and she got it covered in mud so I may be creating a monster.... we'll see.

Im ready to make an order but dont want to get the wrong kit that will make it too stiff. Having 140 on the body/ frame , it has some wobble at 55MPH so I already ordered a Death Wobble kit from Kevins offroad that comes with a JKS adjustable trac-bar , st. stabilizer and some other bushings. The ball joints and bearings are new. It tracks dead straight , but havent checked alignment or tire balance as of yet to see if thats contributing to DW.... Im told that this kit will most likely solve the DW issue.

Back to my question regarding lift.....

We're planning to put some ION 15 x 8's with a set of 32 x 11.50's under it.

My thoughts were :

2" BB with OME shocks and a 1.25" body lift.

Are the coils any good with 140 K on them ? It came with a hard and soft top. Soft top was on it mostly from what Im told. Previous owner used it mainly for commuting which was believable considering the condition of the interior and no old mud under the frame


I was debating on going with new coils and a 1.25" BL .

Last thing I want to do is make it too stiff.

I did check into one of the OME kits but wasnt looking to drop $ 1,300 ish if its not needed, since I still have all of this other stuff we want to do including new paint.

Thanks in advance all !

Jens 2000 TJ Photo by Markollivier12 | Photobucket

jeepwayoflife 06-11-2013 01:51 PM

Welcome! If the jeep will only see light trail use, I would go with your plan of a 1.25" body lift and either a 2" spacer lift or 2" OME lift.

The OME would include springs, allowing more flex from the jeep without having to worry about coil bind. If this jeep will probably never see full flex, I would go with the spacers, BUT with that many miles, the springs are probably sagging. This means you will probably want to get new springs. Now, if you are buying new springs just to add spacers on top, why don't you just get the OME 2" lift kit that will include new springs?

While it may cost more, you will get a great riding jeep with new springs and the ability to flex it out without worrying about coil bind. Also, if you go to sell it later it will probably be more appealing if you say it has an OME lift rather than just some spacers. The 2" lift kit from OME on my friends JK came with new shocks, springs, and a rear track bar bracket for around $700. Are TJ kits really that much more expensive?

MDO1265 06-11-2013 02:20 PM

Thanks JeepWay...

The OME kit i was referring to was actually the Ultimate kit.

Old Man Emu Ultimate TJ/LJ Wrangler Kit |

I already purchased parts of that kit elsewhere. So the kit I would need would be $ 700.00 ( kit price shown minus the st stabilizer I already have )

Old Man Emu TJ/LJ Wrangler Kit |

Maybe they'd swap out the stabilizer for a rear trac bar. Feels squirrely back there sometimes

Just wondering if a 2" BB kit on the existing coils with a BL would get the job done. I think I might start there. If I wanna do the springs later , I'll can just turn and sell the 2" BB.

Open to all suggestions , links, ect...

TJDave 06-11-2013 02:26 PM

IMO, That set up is a good way to go for a new TJ owner. That is what I put on my Jeep after I first bought it. I added a 1" motor mount lift with the 1.25" Body lift. It cured the slight driveline vibration caused by the 2"BB.

The Jeep will look good, and will handle what you described with ease. She can decide if she wants to keep it as is, or build on it from there, without having to replace an expensive spring lift.

As far as the old springs go, if it has never been wheeled, they are probably not in bad shape. Lots of people probably still have theirs hanging out in their garage. I do.

Here's an old pic of mine with a 2" BB, 1.25"BL/mml, and 32x11.5x15 tires.

MDO1265 06-11-2013 03:46 PM

Nice rig Dave ! Thats exactly what we're going for. Thanks for posting the pic !

Now to go shopping.... ADD TO CART

TJDave 06-11-2013 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by MDO1265 (Post 3849829)
Nice rig Dave ! Thats exactly what we're going for. Thanks for posting the pic !

Now to go shopping.... ADD TO CART

Thank-you. Sometimes I wish I would of left it that way, and bought and older one to chop up and beat on.

Good luck with the father/daughter project. Mine will be driving age next year. I hope she will want a Jeep.

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