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RockyRiverJeep 06-11-2013 09:03 PM

Map Sensor Circuit Issue on '12 Jeep Wrangler
Fellow Jeepers, I took my 2012 Wrangler Sahara 2-door (automatic) in on Saturday with a CEL. I have about 14,700 miles on it. I had the dealer do a computer diagnostic on it. They said it was a P0108 Map Sensor Circuit High Voltage or something to that effect. They just cleared it but it CEL came on again yesterday. (Flash PCM AETOAG 18-19-06-A3 .2) was listed.

Quite frankly, I at first thought it was the driver's head issue since she's been ticking since about 3,000 miles. Seems to run fine with no loss of mileage otherwise.

Anyone have any similar issues/fixes?

RockyRiverJeep 06-22-2013 09:30 PM

UPDATE: CEL came on last week again & took the Jeep back in to the dealership. Code P0306 came up. Leak-down test failed for cylinder #6. There were vibration marks on end cam lobes on cylinder #6. The head was replaced with an AC head, as well as valves, lifters and rocker components. It is quiet now on driver's side. No change to driving characteristics as my Jeep had good mileage and power before. I will be watching gas mileage to see if it remains in normal range, as it is a little low now, but have not driven the Jeep much yet. MAP sensor issue was related, says dealership. Hopefully, they're right.

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