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PieFace 06-13-2013 12:35 PM

beware regular supertop - (not the NX that one's good)
So one of my good friends has a 2010, We were going to put the safari straps on, so the hard top had to go.

He bought it used, and there was no soft top. I have the Supertop NX, and I love it. I contacted morris 4x4 and negotiated a deal for him. Then told my friend to call them. When he did a guy talked him out of the NX that I had instructed him to buy.

Im not bashing Morris4x4, I picked them specificly for my friend. and have had nothing but good experiences with them....until now. My guess, is they are trying to liquidate the older outdated "supertop" and maybe turn a larger profit on its sale over the NX.

He was told there was no "replace a top" for the NX.

Side by side the regular supertop is an obvious step down from the Supertop NX. It has no rain gutters, and the materials are not the same quality.

We just had a rain storm here in NJ and his interior was soaked. He had to pull all the carpets out to dry them. Nightmare, with a brand new top. (and a jeep that was "new" to him)

This forum has saved me from a number of mistakes I'd have made, and I want to save someone else from this. The prices are the same. GET THE SUPERTOP NX.

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