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mike76201 01-09-2009 03:59 PM

Jk wheels on tj?? Adapters? Yes/no
All, I am looking at a great deal on JK 17" rims and tires..looked at using the adapters from 5x4.5 to 5x5.5...I really hate adding stuff between the wheels, is this good or bad?? Anyone doing this?? Thanks!

4point 01-09-2009 04:01 PM

Its fine, but tires in that size tend to run a little more costwise.

mike76201 01-09-2009 04:10 PM

TRUST ME I KNOW!! I purchased a set of Cragar Streelock series 352 16x8 w/ new tires x5 on craigslist for $200...I went to look for tires and damn...they are double!! I just bought a set of 15x8 cragar soft 8's and am getting new 33x12.50x15 bfgs x5 for $300!! and came across this deal...just checking with the fellas..oh, and gals!! :D

firefighter8816 01-10-2009 03:49 PM

I did the same thing too. I got a set of 16x8 JK wheels for my TJ but desided not to do it after all. The spacers are $200 the tires are $1,200 and you need to modify your TJ tire carrier to hold the JK wheels. In all I found out it will cost me about $2,500. For that price I'll buy new wheels and tires for my TJ and a few other toys.

Also if any one wants them I now have 5 stock JK wheels for sale.

1BLKJP 01-11-2009 01:14 AM

If you are going to use spacers then I would suggest at least using Red Lock-Tight on your existing lugs to the spacers and also use a gun or at least torque them down with a torque wrench to make sure they are where they need to be.

I run spacers on mine as a trail rig and have never had a problem. The spacer adapter however that you are looking for is a 5x4.5 to 5x5 not a 5x5.5. I know that Spidertrax does make those adapters.

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