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Baby Huey 06-17-2013 01:30 PM

Oil Consumption 3.8L
I have a 07 ,JKU X , stand. trans. . Love to drive it. explore...
Sunday for Fathers day I took the wife for a road trip to the
Dee Wright Observatory in Central Oregon, near Sisters.
If you like road trips this is a great drive ! We took the old road into it and
its Paved and now open for the season.
We left home here in Forest Grove and it's 188 miles from here to the Observatory. I let the Jeep sit for about 20 minutes while the wife climbed up the steps to the observatory where she used to visit with her family as a child.
I checked the oil and I was surprised the Dip Stick was still showing FULL.
We continued on our trip into Sisters and I checked the oil again, and on our was home ( thru Sweet Home ) I checked it again....Not wanting to run out.
We got home around 6:00 and I parked it in the shop over night.
I checked it this morning after it sat all night, dip stick is still FULL....
I'm currently using "Castrol Extended Milage Vehicle oil" 10W-30 in the GREEN jug.
In the past I have had to add a 1/2 quart in about 180 miles, trips we take to the coast and up to Seaside and back on 26...
So far I have about 42K miles on this Jeep ( bought used ) . So I think this oil is doing a good job.
If you have a 3.8L and it's using oil, you might give it a try and see if it works for you....
I have "cleaned" my crankcase with Sea Foam added to the oil before I changed it last time...
By the way if your looking for a good road trip for the family, you might give the Dee Wright Observatory a try...

dee wright observatory oregon - Yahoo! Image Search Results

What ever ya do this summer, be safe and have fun...."BH"

jsears 06-20-2013 01:42 AM

Mine 07 JKU burned about 1 quart of oil every 1,500 miles. I tried different weights, filters, Dino Oil and Synthetic Oil made no difference. Replaced the PCV valve, cleaned with Seafoam, nothing helped it. Finally the engine decided to go kaboom and spin a rod bearing with 50k miles on. Ended up replacing it with a used engine out of a 2011. So far no oil consumption.

Baby Huey 07-03-2013 08:46 PM

Went for a woods drive Tuezday, Looking for the abandoned Logging camp/town of Valsetz just west of Fallscity (Ok, west of Dallas Ore. ) We went 241 total miles. Using mostly 2nd and 3rd gear in the woods ... We found Valsetz and we will go back again in a couple weeks to find the "Valley of the Giants" A stand of Old Growth Timber near Valsetz.
I checked the oil twice along the way and it's still FULL... Thats a good thing.
So we did 241.6 miles, 1/2 tank of gas,used no oil and had a steak for dinner !!

Keep Jeepin...... "BH":popcorn:

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