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speepdaedeesi 01-10-2009 07:53 PM

in order to consolidate my problems all into one thread..

1. got code 55 for the iac. took iac out and cleaned both it and the throttlebody really good. while it was out i took the battery out, cleaned the battery, terminals, and tray, and held the connections together to reset the codes. i double checked and there were no codes after reinstalling the battery. . drove almost 100 miles yesterday. got home, did the keydance for self diagnose and got code 55 again.

could it be anything other than the iac? i want to do what i can before i go buy a new iac for 40 bucks.

2. oil pressure guage was showing zero at idle last night, but would go up with rpms. today it was 30, 0r 40, which ever was straight up.. at idle. im thinking its the sender unit. how do i install the new one? i hear its by the oil filter, do i have to take the oil filter out to get the switch out?

3. for the second time the jeep has refused to start. last time was about 2 weeks ago. wouldnt start all night. just gave a single click from under the hood near the battery (seemed like where it came from while sitting in the drivers seat listening).. probably the starter relay clicking once.

does the starter relay clicking once mean its bad? or does it mean its good and my problem is probably with the starter?

also i did notice while the jeep wont start for extended periods.. ill go out and try like once every few hours.. when it finally does start it starts like the battery barely has enough juice for it to start. is this from trying to start it like 20 times previous? would a low battery or battery with dead cells cause this? reason i ask is battery shows good charge when the jeep is running.. but seems low upon startup. it looks like an old battery thats been cleaned up to look new, and it has no markings or stickers on it at all.

i did take the battery completely out recently and cleaned it off, wiped off the terminals real good. the connections have zero corrosion, and are tight.

also, im going to go try starting it again while its in the garage. after trying like 20 times earlier i finally got it started and moved into the garage. if it doesnt start ill try starting it with the headlights on to see if they dim. even if it does start ill report with the dim or no dim.

i hope its a starter relay... thats 10 bucks.
if not i hope its a battery.. thats an easy install
if its not the battery its probably the starter which is same price as the battery, but i can imagine its gonna be a pain in the ass because its torx!

speepdaedeesi 01-10-2009 09:13 PM

the lights dim while i start it. ive read that means the battery is weak or bad.

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