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ryanmcfarlin 06-19-2013 02:46 PM

drive shaft problem
can anyone tell me why i keep shearing the drive shaft end yoke on my 94 wrangler. it is lifted and has 35 on i tbu ti am having a hard time figuring out why i keep snapping these end yokes any thing will help thank you

JeepAddOns-Chris 06-19-2013 03:17 PM

What kind of lift and what size? If stretched, axle wrap can cause it to break. If it's lifted too high and angles aren't addressed can cause it to break as well. There are other reasons, but those are the two most common.

89Saharagreen 06-19-2013 03:38 PM

When is it breaking from your post it sounds like it has broken more than once or twice have you isolated when it breakes I.E. driving 55mph down the highway vs rock climbing?

Also how much lift are we talking about and which driveshaft I am assuming the rear but you did not say or if you did I missed it.

Lastly what kind of drive shaft is it a custom one or original?

Pics can also help.

Just my .02 cents.


sevenservices 06-19-2013 03:42 PM

are you running a slip yoke eliminator? transfer case drop?

I would be interested in a pic of the angle as well...

and Welcome!

ryanmcfarlin 06-20-2013 08:34 AM

im not sure on the lift i bought it like it is it looks like a 3 inch body 6 inch suspension. it has broke in the rear going to the transfer case 2 times now once was at 45 mph and the other was less than 20mph ill try to get pics up soon. it does have a slip yoke eliminator on it and that one has broke once. but after replacing that one i havent had a prblem with it. ill get the brand of the yoke and drive shaft up today

ryanmcfarlin 06-20-2013 09:24 AM

it happens driving down the highway

ryanmcfarlin 06-20-2013 12:14 PM

the drive shaft and yokes are spicers

Redrider94 06-20-2013 01:31 PM

How far does the yoke go into the transfer case? Could be that you are not going in as far as you should, meaning the driveshaft would need to be longer. Post a pic of the broken yoke, we should be able to see how much is in the transfer case.

JeepAddOns-Chris 06-20-2013 03:36 PM

My guess is that with that much of a lift your driveline angles are way off. Your driveshaft should be pointing 2-3 degrees below the yoke on your transfer case when the Jeep is at rest. If your driveshaft is actually going into your transfer case, that is a stock style driveshaft without a SYE. This is stock.

With an SYE and double carden (CV) driveshaft

If it's truly a SYE and your angles are fine then it could be that the yoke on the SYE is bad and needed to be replaced. If it's what I think it is and the angles are off, then you can use degree shims in the rear to get your pinion angle correct.

ryanmcfarlin 06-24-2013 02:33 PM

it could be the cv driveshaft part it did look like it was bad and when i replace the yoke i get a real bad squeaking sound but when it is insatlled it looks like the picture. so i will replace the knuckle part and the end yoke and see it that works

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