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HFC3 06-20-2013 01:57 AM

Stupid a/C question
Just bought an 88 Wrangler (first Jeep). It's a 2.5 5spd, and according to the VIN (CarFax) an S model - which, I think, is the base-base. It's got it's nicks and dings, but for a 25 year old vehicle, it appears to be very well cared for.

To my surprise, it appears that I not only have power steering (from what I've seen here, that's not an uncommon upgrade to even the S), but it has A/C! It may even be factory, considering that the fascia and buttons match the rest of the interior for nicks and fading.

However, I have no idea how to use it! LOL I figured out how to turn it on (twist left button) - I think - that at least turns the fans on. But, I have no idea what the 2nd knob (right) is for - it doesn't seem to pull out or twist (I didn't force it).

I get good strong fan response on all three positions, but the compressor (clutch) won't engage. Do I have to do something with the 2nd knob to get the compressor to turn on? I tested the leads to the clutch on the compressor, and with A/C fan on or off, no juice.

I don't know if that means a bad wire further back, bad mag clutch, or if it's not supposed to be on because I didn't turn it on correctly. I can't force the clutch to engage because this compressor seems to be hard wired into the jeep - no harness clip (A cyan blue wire leads behind mag clutch, and a ground wire attaches to compressor housing). I really don't want to cut the wires just to test the clutch.

I know A/C sucks power, and I have the top off - so a/c isn't very useful. But, I'd like to know how to operate anyway.

Thanks in advance!

4Jeepn 06-20-2013 05:43 AM

2nd knob on mine turns clockwise to adj cool level. Perhaps your its already turned to the max.. try the other direction.. or its stripped..

StanF 06-20-2013 06:14 AM

My suggestion...Leave the right knob on max, and adjust the fan speed down when your knees get too cold. :thumb:

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