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Holton345 06-20-2013 10:08 AM

Question Type: Stupid, Quantity: 2
I bought a very used wrangler yesterday. It has Mickey Thompson classics on it, but I cannot tell whether they are real or fake beadlocks. I assumed they were Classic Locks (fake) but the dealer who sold it thought they were the real deal. (Not a jeep guy, mostly fleet truck and van sales.)

Stupid Question 1: How do you tell whether they are real or lookalike beadlock rims? The spare and one of the others are each missing one of the lock nuts, which makes me assume they are the fake ones. I drove it home about five hours with no problems. Wouldn't real beadlocks not work right if missing nuts?

Stupid Question 2: How can you tell the exact size of the rim? Is it stamped on the inner edge somewhere or what? I know the diameter from the side of the tire, but how do you measure the width with tires mounted?


(Current tires are BFG MTs @ 33x12.5x15

Holton345 06-20-2013 11:43 AM

Never mind. I got it sorted. Can you delete your own threads? I cannot find the Edit button. It was there after I posted and now seems to have disappeared. Are these only editable for a certain amount of time, or is Safari screwing with my head again?

BTW, I have Mickey Thompson Classic Locks that are 15x10 and know how to get the missing nuts for the ring. Thanks anyway.

Cons_Table 06-20-2013 11:47 AM

The posts can only be edited for 15 minutes. After that they are locked...unless you request something from a moderator.

We typically do not delete threads. Rather than deleting it, post up what you found may be helpful to somebody in the future :thumb:

Holton345 06-20-2013 11:48 AM

Great to know; thanks!

With that in mind, the Classic Locks are street-legal fakes for the beadlock look. The Mickey Thompson rep told me that they do not make any true beadlock rims, so *any* MT with the bolts on the sides are their Classic Locks.

The bolt ring is a separate thing, and can be swapped out for others anodized in various colors. They are held on via (I think - this may have changed over the years) eight real bolts. The remaining ones are just bolted onto the ring. The fake ones have MT on the head and the real ones are blank — again, according to the rep. (I will confirm this against the rims on my TJ and if what I have differs I will post that.) The short "fake" bolts are not something you can replace with anything from a nut and bolt shop or at Home Depot. But any MT dealer can get them for you easily.

The rep told me to look at the rear of the spokes to find the size information. It is indeed there, very clearly cast into the aluminum, along with max load, etc. They run wide, as mine are officially 15x10s but measure exactly 11" across using a straight edge on each side and a tape measure through one of the holes.

I hope this ends up being helpful to someone in the future.


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