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csuskovich 06-23-2013 03:51 PM

My new 2013 JKU in Commando Green
I have been lurking the forums for years and finally had an opportunity to join the club as a new owner.

I picked up my 2013 JKU Sahara from Kahlo Jeep in Noblesville, IN the other week. After only 1000 miles I know why this vehicle has the most loyal owners. The mod bug has already bitten and I have a list of parts on order (and some already on). I can't wait to take it to some of the off-road parks in the state.

On a side note, I am a little frustrated with the dealership and was looking for some advice. I traded in a 2011 Chrysler 300 Limited and purchased the JKU using green-slip (employee price). Kahlo gave me the best price on my 300 and went all the way to Kentucky to find the exact JKU I wanted. My frustration came in the finance office and afterwards when I realized I was lied to.

I asked the finance manager to submit our application to Chase because our mortgage and personal checking was done at Chase. She told us that the best rate was with Wells Fargo and stated that Chase was nearly 2% higher. After talking with our local branch, I found out that my rate quoted was higher than what it should be. I asked again if that was the best rate available and she said Wells Fargo was over 1% LOWER than everyone else. I found out today that she never sent my application to Chase and that only Wells Fargo and PNC ran my credit.

Does anyone on the forum know if it is illegal to lie about my finance options? I am appalled that she lied to my face on three different occasions. I plan on calling the owner of the dealership tomorrow but was looking for advice from members. Thanks in advance for any help!

I am going outside now to take a few pics. Stay tuned...

DIXIEDOG 06-23-2013 03:54 PM

Not sure it is illegal but I will say way too many dealers lie during the sale....that distrust created from it makes a person not do business there again.

Congrats on the new Jeep....I was on the fence about getting a Commando Green Jeep myself last week but ended up going dark cherry red instead.....Commando green is a good color :thumb:

pepatrick 06-23-2013 04:04 PM

Keep this in mind...first most people have no idea about how dealers finance..
F&I guys are in the business to make money for the dealership. They may not have a good relationship with Chase but have a good relationship with Wells Fargo or Ally or some of the other banks. There is a chance that dealer gets a better kick back from Wells Fargo than Chase even if the rate is lower. If they are giving you a good price on the trade and a good price on the Jeep they are going to try and make a profit on the financing.

When i go to dealership I always have financing arranged ahead of time. This way I can negotiate the finance rate if they are going to try and shove it down my throat. When I bought my Jeep they actually beet my credit union by .25%..In the grand scheme its not much over the life of the loan but it is something. I went with Ally (via the dealership).

Rule of thumb. Never negotiate everything at the same time. Get the price for the new Jeep...get the price for your trade and always bring a loan calculator with you to the dealership. That way if they tell you a % rate you can confirm it by plugging in the numbers.

csuskovich 06-23-2013 04:06 PM

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Thanks for the reply Dixie. I was between CG and Billet but my fiance was in love with the green. I just read that it will be discontinued for 2014 which makes me pretty happy. I love it when Jeep only offers special colors for a few years. I wanted sahara tan really bad until the same thing happened to it.

Added a few pics including one of driving in about a foot of water. We were hit yesterday with pretty hard rainfall and I had the opportunity to forge some street rivers.

Mods so far:
Black Grill Inserts
Black Door Handle Guards
Mopar Black Fuel Door
Mopar Hood Scoop
Mopar Rubber Mats w/ Cargo tray

csuskovich 06-23-2013 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by pepatrick (Post 3891540)
They may not have a good relationship with Chase but have a good relationship with Wells Fargo or Ally or some of the other banks. There is a chance that dealer gets a better kick back from Wells Fargo than Chase even if the rate is lower.

I am sure this is exactly what happened. I should have asked to see the approval from Chase but a friend of mine is the sales manager. They gave me $1k more for my trade than any other dealer so I know I won on the front end. I should have known not to trust anybody in the F&I office. I was told at my local branch that the dealer could get the best rate because of direct vs. in-direct financing. A family member suggested I just go to my local branch and take out a new loan to pay off the other. If I do that before the first payment any money they made on the back end will be charged back. I am just blown away that she lied to my face three times.

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