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jpdocdave 01-13-2009 09:37 PM

YJ Lift Reviews
to get some yj info up here, the main thing is leaf springs. i've had good luck with sky jacker, and rough country springs. ride nice, flex well, and no hassle warranty through quadratec. (if you wheel any real amount, take advantage of lifetime warranty) i just call up, say my springs have sagged an inch or so, new ones on the way. even soa set up.

tough country springs sucked. way too stiff. terrible ride, and 2" springs after settle were actually 4" springs (not good for the soa it was on) we actually took the packs apart, removed a leaf and replaced with a stock leaf. big pain. also only springs i've ever heard make creeking noises on the road, terrible product.

rancho, and skyjacker shocks were fine for the price. sky jackers will usually start to leak, use the lifetime warranty.

ome springs and shocks are obviously good.

these are all products i've used first hand, but i never bought just a lift kit for yj, i've always bought springs and shocks, and made everything else, usually for soa.

tiny terror 01-13-2009 09:44 PM

In light of the recent discussion of lifts, we all felt a thread with ONLY lift kit reviews in it would be a good source of information.

AzTJ posted a great lift review in the Your Lift thread, so we'll use his format which I will add in a second.

Here are the rules.

1. This is a review of YOUR lift. No second hand reviews.
2. Try and stay in the format Az used to ease the exchange of information.
3. This is not a discussion thread.
4. Oh and please post up some pictures.

Any post but lift review posts will be deleted. If you have a question about a specific lift you can always PM the person or start a new thread.

Please be fair in your reviews. This lift sucks is not a review. Also, those reading reviews, remember this is personal opinion based on personal experience. If your lift is already reviewed, review it anyway. Ratings and reviews are always better when there's more than one opinion to draw from.

Thanks to everyone for participating.

Here's the format...




Would You Recommend:


ccain 01-13-2009 11:19 PM

LIFT: I'm currently running a Rough Country 4" lift with .375 lift boomerang shackles. I installed the kit according to the instructions and have no problems. The instructions tell you NOT to tighten ANYTHING until the Jeep is setting on the ground. If you tighten this lift off the ground, you will end up with a hard suspension and a rough ride. I am currently installing a 1" MML.

IMO, this is the one of the best lifts for the money!

SHOCKS: The shocks were provided by Rough Country and came with the lift.

SYE/CVD: I'm not running an SYE or CV Dirve Shaft.

TIRES/WHEELS: I'm running 33 12.50 15 Pro Comps on Soft 8 15X8's

Likes: I like this kit. It was inexpensive. It flexes very well for a leaf sprung lift. Highway/Street performance is spectacular. The kit included everything needed to properly install.

Dis-Likes: None so far.

Would You Recommend: Yes. For those on a budget, it's the way to go!

Here's a pic (not on the trail) that gives you an idea of the ride height.

Fire Hart 01-16-2009 02:31 PM

LIFT: 4 inch Rough Country
SHOCKS: Rough Country
SYE/CVD: Not Yet
TIRES/WHEELS: 31 inch BFG A/T (for now) on 15 inch black Rock Clawer wheels

Likes: Actually got about 5 inchs of lift with the kit (stock springs with pretty flat). Make sure your kit come with the springs with white lettering, they are the new improved springs, yellow print are the old sagging springs. Less then $500 for a complete kit and easy install. Took me and 2 buddies about 5 hours to get it on.

Dis-Likes: None so far.

Would You Recommend: Yes

Just after install was complete.

Should have found a bigger rock, but it flexs well.

Felsengleiskette 01-21-2009 11:05 PM

LIFT: Skyjacker 4"
SHOCKS: Skyjacker Nitro/ Hydro steer shock
S.Y.E:not at time of review (just put one on)
TIRES: 33" mickeys radials baja claw 15"rims

LIKES: They flex decent for sua lifted springs. quiet. the shocks are still shocking. the kit was affordable.

DISLIKES: Nothing they gave me can hold onto paint. the shocks are blisterd and rusted paint.,although they still perform. four years and two paint jobs they still look 15 yrs. old. same with the springs. i prepped them sweet too. cleaned all the rust off, acid dipped them, metal prep solution, and painted them and still one winter in michigan ages a leaf spring 10 yrs. so really who cares what they look like?! all in all, even my dislikes are likes because even in salty winers here in the north, these springs and shocks still perform.

Escape311 01-31-2009 12:53 AM

Rubicon Express 2.5"
Lift: Rubicon Express 2.5" Standard Duty lift with 31x10.5-15 BFG ATs.
Shocks: Rubicon Express Hydros
SYE: Not yet but probably soon.
Tires: 31x10.50-15 BFG AT KO
Wheels: 15x8 3.75" backspacing

Likes: Mostly easy to install. Got almost 3" out of it. Everything was in the box!:D

Dis-likes: Rear shock fitment. The instructions are pretty bad for a first-timer. Pretty unclear on what to do with brake line extensions other than "install brake line extensions". :D

I would definitely recommend this kit though.

A before:

With brake line extensions installed. You would think it would be pretty straight forward and it mostly was until we saw the brake line just hanging there. I used the original bolts for the brake line bracket and threaded the hole where a plastic clip usually goes to hold the break line to the frame.

This was one part I was not happy about but had no choice. The shocks that came with the kit had bodies that were a bit too large so they hit the lower shock bracket. Unfortunately, we had to flip the shocks.

And an after shot. Are we sure it's just 2.5 inches?:D I forgot to measure the height before the lift but it definitely seems much higher than 2.5 inches. I actually do hope it settles down a bit or I'll have an SYE squeezed into my budget sooner than I thought.

afrats 03-19-2009 02:22 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Lift: Skyjacker 2.5" Military springs
Shocks: Skyjacker Hydro
SYE: Not yet but probably soon.
Tires: 31x10.50-15
Wheels: 15x8 stock wheels

Likes: Gave me about 4" of lift. Gave me a good ride and it has really improved my ride.

Dis-likes: Rear shock fitment. The instructions are pretty bad for a first-timer. Not all parts that were needed came with the kit. I needed a TC drop kit to get rid of the shimmy that was created. The steering stabilizer wouldn't fit because it was too long.

I like the kit, but it lacked a lot of stuff. Once I got everything that I needed it was pretty easy. The tech support at Skyjacker is awesome...

A before and after:

myblack89yj 03-19-2009 05:04 PM

LIFT KIT Pro comp 2.5in
SHOCKS longest Skyjacker nitro shocks I could find on Ebay
SYE I have a SYE with a Tom Woods custom rear drive shaft and a transfer case drop and my driveshafts are still almost too short
TIRES AND WHEELS 15X10 Pro comp rock crawler series 152 fake bead lock rims W/ I think dunlop MTs
LIKES fairly simple install. took about 8 hours with only me and a friend.Gave me a really big lift compared to my flat stock springs and SOA.
DISLIKES Now I know i need to get longer driveshafts. Steering creaks with my new lift ( I assume that its cause I have a 2.5 in lift w/ SOA and only a 4 inch drop pitman arm.) Makes me want bigger tires. Kinda bouncy even with Nitro shocks
WOULD I RECOMMEND Yeah the kit was all there and and it was really easy to put together. Really cheap even with the shocks i ordered but didnt use.


Jblondie813 04-20-2009 11:38 AM

How r the shocks that come with RE lift kits??
I'm looking to buy the RE 4" lift kit. But I heard that shocks that come with kits r junk?! Is this true? or is it true for only OTHER kits?

If I don't use the shocks that come with the kit, I will either get Bilstein or better RE shocks.

1. the shocks that come with the RE lift kit?
2. Bilstein shocks?
3. or better RE shocks?

jeeperman Dan 04-22-2009 09:48 PM

I have a 1990 YJ with 4" suspension& 2" body and just put one piece shafts in the front eliminating the 4x posi-lock,and when I drove it,it had a bad vibration.I found out that it was because Yj's pinion angle is not the same as the TJ(that came stock with one piece)and the TJ has a double cardan joint drive shaft.So I bought a Tom woods drive shaft and new yoke for it to work and still have vibration at 75mph instead of 50mph.I was told it is common for jeeps with a lift to have some is better but now I wish I kept the posi lock,or put a dana 44 front and fix the pinion angle.
1990 YJ :
4.0,ax-15 trans
35/14.50 interco boggers
rubicon throttle body,and Helix spacer
Jet power chip
Tom Woods double cardan drive shaft
with a hard top
4.56 gears front& rear
lockers front&rear
one piece front shafts

turdhurdler 05-28-2009 11:26 PM

LIFT:Rough Country 4"

SHOCKS: Rough Country Gas shocks


TIRES/WHEELS: 31" BFG on 15 X 8 aluminium rims

Likes: Very nice kit, easy install. Pretty smooth for what it is. Actually smoother than my work truck (E350 box truck)

Dis-Likes: None so far

Would You Recommend: Yes. For the price you can't beat it.

Picture(s): Before:


Posts Merged for UPDATE

Well, it's been almost a year since I installed my Rough Country 4" lift and it has been functioning great. I recently flipped a shackle and when I contacted RC about warranty info, they were very quick to help out and are shipping me NEW springs. Talk about great customer service. When I mentioned that I was attending the So Cal Meet n Greet, and it was important to me to get the springs before the trip I was told they would see what they could do. Well, when I got home tonight, checked my e-mail and they are sending me the springs UPS 3 Day freight. I will have them on Monday. If anyone is considering a lift from a company that will stand behind their product and be great with customer service, go with RC. They will treat you great. Thanks for taking the time to read my little praise.


mongoose 06-07-2009 05:47 PM

89 YJ
2.5 Rough Country
RC Hydro Shocks,
31x 10.50 Tires Next,
then who knows what else

We just finnished the install about two hours ago,
so the likes and dislikes will be limited to my Sons expression of
"Wow this is Cool"
heres the Before pic,

mongoose 06-07-2009 05:52 PM

after pic

Coyote_94YJ 06-21-2009 04:20 PM

- Custom stock spring packs plus SOA.
- 2 sets of stock springs used to make 7 leaf spring packs. Gained 3 inches on top of the SOA.

- Skyjacker Hydro 7000's

- Rubicon Express SYE and Tom Woods CV shaft

- Super Swamper TSL 38x16x15
- Interco TrXus MT 35x12.50x15

- Initial cost. It only cost me $100 for the second set of YJ springs and $5 for a set of center pins.
- The ride is far softer than I thought it would be. I was quite surprised. I have not ridden in any other lifted YJ so I have nothing to compare it to, but the ride doesn't bother me a bit. My Mini has a stiffer ride.

- Time. Distorted and I spend an entire day doing the lift. It took a number of hours just to make the spring packs. We added the main springs from the second set to the spring packs and cutting the eyes off the ends took a while.
- Flex in the rear end. I don't get as much flex in the rear end as I would like. I think I should have went with 6 leaves in the back instead of 7. The front has great flex.

Would You Recommend:
- For the most part, yes. If you have the time and skill and are in a slight money crunch but still have to have more lift...go for it.


Before on 38's


After on 38's

After on 35's

Flex with 38's

Jeepin_Chuck 07-11-2009 08:47 PM

Just installed a 2.5" Skyjacker standard lift with Hydro shocks, Cooper ST tire 31X10.5 with Ion Wheels. The lift was incomplete i feel since you need to install a pitman arm, t-case drop and longer sway bar links. The install guide doesn't say much about these but they are needed for a nice lift. I wanted a little larger tires and change the "old guy" Jeep into something a little more aggressive looking but keep it classy.

The ride is nice and smooth with good road feel.

Lift: Skyjacker 2.5" with double sway bar disconects, Pitman arm and new steering stabalizer.

Wheel/Tires: Cooper ST 31x10.5 15" Ion Wheels

No slip yoke and no transfer case drop but something needs to be done there. Right now I can't go over 45 since there is a vibration. I installed the t-case drop and it made shifting into 2,4 and R impossible. Also I couldn't open my center console. I don't feel like cutting my Jeep up so SYE here I come soon!

Nice lift, wish it was more complete with better directions.

89PBR96 08-09-2009 05:17 PM

Lift= 4inch ruff country 3inch body
Tires=33/12.50/15's on Mickey Thompsons

scrambler1 09-11-2009 01:34 PM

my lift review
5 Attachment(s)
1994 jeep wrangler.
tires - BFG 33 x 12.50 x 15 mud terrain KM 2's
Wheel's 15 x 8 with 2.5" back space
7 inch fender flare's (rear are TJ)
Springs - 4" pro comp
Shocks - pro comp MX-6 Adjustable (turned all the way down)
Shackles - Currie greasable 0 lift
bump stops - Daystar Poly. extended
Drop pitman arm
Body lift - 1" Daystar Poly.
Stainless braided extended brake lines
Advance Adapters - SYE
Tom Woods - Rear Drive Shaft
4 degree steal shims - blue torch fabworks

Likes - decent ride,good flex. Really like the shocks.
Dislike's - Shackles could be longer.
The Advance adapters SYE rear housing is casted poorly and having issues with leaking. Have re-sealed several times,Swapped tc housing same thing.
Hopefully advance adapters is going give me another to swap in.

Overall very happy with the lift.

hiram 09-22-2009 01:44 PM

black diamond 3.5"
this lift was complete and easy. drives nice too. have not gone offroad yet.
came with es3000 shocks

ill get better pics later

now i need tires:D

southernculture 10-07-2009 10:49 AM

4" Rough Country
LIFT: I'm currently running a Rough Country 4" lift I installed the kit according to the instructions and it is a little bumpy compared to stock worn out springs. The instructions leave a lot to be desired!!!

SHOCKS: The shocks were provided by Rough Country and came with the lift.

SYE/CVD: I'm not running an SYE or CV Dirve Shaft.

TIRES/WHEELS: I'm running 33 12.50 15 Pro Comps on bart 15 x 8 with 3" backspacing.

Likes: I like this kit. It was inexpensive. It flexes very well for a leaf sprung lift. Highway/Street performance is spectacular. The kit included everything needed to properly install.

Dislikes: the instructions could have been a little more clear.

Would You Recommend: Yes. For those on a budget, it's the way to go!

punkafi888 12-08-2009 01:24 AM

LIFT: procomp 4" kit

SHOCKS: procomp in front nothing in rear

SYE/CVD: none 1" tcase drop

TIRES/WHEELS:35" 12.5" bfg's

Likes:um, its tall!!??

Dis-Likes:springs are crap, they are so stiff even after two years. after custom made shackles, shackle reversal it finally flexes over 550.

Would You Recommend:not in a million years

ihijtswifl 12-19-2009 02:14 AM

LIFT:4 inch rough country

SHOCKS: came with the lift

CVD/SYE:1" t-case drop

TIRES: wildcat mts

LIKES: its a jeep lol.

DISLIKES: it rides like a bored i need to lift it up and loosen everything and set it back down and retorque the lift.

Jeep4cern 12-28-2009 02:51 PM

Lift: Rough Country 4"
Shocks: RC 2.2 (being replaced w/Bilstein this week)
SYE: Not yet but probably soon.
Tires: 33x12.5-15 Maxxis M/T
Wheels: 15x8 ?" backspacing

Likes: Had local shop install it.

Dis-likes: Little rough ride.

I would definitely recommend this kit though. Great budget lift!

Stock when I brought her home
4" RC lift
4" RC lift and a 2" PA body lift

The Commander 01-07-2010 08:22 AM

Rough Country 2"
Lift: Rough Country 2" with drop pitman arm and helper leafs

Other: 1" lift heavy duty shackles

Likes: Ride dramatically improved. Shop tech adjsuterd steering also, and it is also improved over stock.

Dislikes: Driveline vibration. I planned to do driveshaft and slip yoke eliminator anyway, so I am not disappointed, but watch for it.

Photos to follow.

morphious 03-15-2010 06:04 AM

lift) 4 inch rough country
sye) no and i dont plan on it yet
shocks) the rough country 8000's
tires)235's for a couple more days then 33's
wheels) cragar soft 8's 4 inch backspacing
cost) 500 for the kit. and make sure u have another 50-60 laying around cause chances are ur going to need it once u get working on it

likes) it rides so much smoother now seeing as the old springs were completely shot so bad actually that the main leaf on one side was broke on the eye

install) get ready to torch i did this with a professional mechanic (part of the 4x4 club i'm in ) and it took us about 6 dedicated hours to get done. so rough country is about right on their time frame if u have a full shop. if not look at a couple of days(mainly cause i live up north were the salt cements everything together with rust)

recomendation ) for the money u cant beat it the only other thing i would to to my rig other then this would be soa. and for the budget this did what i needed it to

barnesry 04-01-2010 02:18 AM

1 Attachment(s)
93 YJ 2.5L

LIFT: 4" Pro Comp Suspension Kit

SHOCKS: Pro Comp, included in kit

SYE/CVD: n/a

TIRES/WHEELS: 33" Maxxis Bighorns w/ Ultra Motor Sports Wheels

Likes: Price ($737 from Straightforward, easy to install, drop pitman included (had to use grinder to remove old pit man arm though), nice break lines (use brake line wrenches if possible, or channel locks)

Dis-Likes: None, Initially rides a little stiff, but it's a Jeep and there is a trade off.

Would You Recommend: Yes


yjwrongler 04-17-2010 10:12 PM

yj custom springs
2 Attachment(s)
on my 95 yj i started out by using the stock springs for my soa lift but without bump stops and with tube fenders those springs wore out fast so i baught another set of stock springs along with a set of rear gm half ton springs. I cut the top 2 plys down on the half ton springs so they were 2-3 inches shorter than the top ply on the jeep springs. then i replaced a short leaf from the bottom of the packs with the heavier gm leave at the top of the pack which gave me 2 extra inches of lift, my springs dont sag when i flex out, and its not as bouncy plus even with my 488 gears and my locker running 35's i dont get hardly any more spring wrap unless i run the piss out of it

Reeler 05-25-2010 07:57 PM

1993 yj
3 Attachment(s)
LIFT:4" Rusty's Off Road - 2" shackles
SHOCKS: Rusty's
SYE/CVD:Yes with Tom Woods drive shaft
TIRES/WHEELS:35x17 Pro comp X-Terrain

Likes:love it... Easy to install


Would You Recommend:Yes under $500 for kit and very good quality springs


89YJislander 05-29-2010 10:08 PM

LIFT: 3" rough country

SHOCKS: Rough Country nitro

SYE/CVD: I'm not running an SYE or CV Dirve Shaft.

TIRES/WHEELS: I'm running 32 by 11.5 bfgood at's chrome gambler style

Likes: Its ok im just glad my jeep has lift.

Dis-Likes: Its bouncy but that maybe because its got close to 100,000 miles on it :eek:.

Would You Recommend: Yea i reckon. its not that expensive.

jeep4me 06-04-2010 09:11 PM

Hi folks,
I just last weekend installed a 2.5" rough country lift in my driveway. What a job, it took 7 beer, food or messing about just work. Im real happy with it however it rides a little rougher then stock but I think it will perform well in the bush. Just 31x10.50x15 tires M/Ts Cant wait! Ordered from Treadwright found alot of great reviews and no bad ones..good for me! My 92 yj will be ready to play. Rough country seems like a preety good company my lift came on time..and complete. good luck folks!

Matcheen 06-27-2010 10:52 PM

LIFT:4" RC suspension, 1" RC shackle
TIRES/WHEELS: 33 12.50 15 Dynapro M/T. 15x8 Eagle Alloy 100

Likes:Good ride, looks cool

Dis-Likes: Need to loosen the shackles, again, and straighten them out.

Would You Recommend: Ya, great lift for the $


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