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TJ-Dom 06-25-2013 07:03 AM

98 Wrangler Rear End Noise
Hello Fellow Jeepers!
Iíve been having problems with a low noise pitch type of grinding noise coming from my left rear (or thatís where I think itís coming from).
A little back story Iíve bought this 98 wrangler last fall and since Iíve bought it Iíve had a low sound pitch of noise coming from my left side rear end. Iíve never really took it for long runs except for two times recently about 60-80 miles. Both times my rear end would start to chatter going around corners and even sometimes going forward. I touched my rear pumpkin and you could hold your hand it for maybe 1-2 seconds before removing (it seemed way too hot for me compared to the front which was luke warm).
When I bought the jeep the owner said she had just replaced all the fluids (bought it to a mechanic) so I figured the wrong type of fluid was used without traction loc additive because I do have a type of locker/limited slip in the rear end.
I talked to a local mechanic and he said it sounded to him it was the axle bearing going bad so I changed the fluid and both sides of axle bearings and seals. The problem went away for about 2 weeks and now itís back coming from the same side. My bearing couldnít have gone already could it? Someone else told me itís the pinion bearing? The thing I donít get it went away for a while. Another thing I noticed it only made noise under load or going around a right corner but the sound went away going around a left hand corner at hwy speeds of 30-60 mph. Thanks everyone for their help.

flflash 06-25-2013 08:08 AM

Maybe I can help some.

Pinion bearings- Faster high pitched bearing noise changes with acceleration load ( louder under load quieter coasting )
Carrier or Case bearings- Deeper rumbling that changes with vehicle speed but not effected by engine load or turning loads.
Axle bearings- Changes with vehicle speed and turning load.

If you had a damaged axle, improperly installed bearing, un-lubed bearing or incorrect lubricant level the bearing may have failed again. Are you sure you don't have a tire/road noise?

TJ-Dom 06-25-2013 09:46 AM

I installed the bearing with a bearing installer kit I got from a local auto parts store and the bearing bottomed out inside the axle (i could tell by the sound and inspecting gaps around the bearing to the outer edge of axle). The bearing had grease already but I put a little more just to be on the safe side.
Placed jeep on level ground and filled it until oil came out of fill hole then placed rubber plug back in.
Installed bearing in right side the same manner and nothing wrong.
By your description flflash it doesn't sound like anything other then bearing again.

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