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cep55 06-27-2013 11:31 AM

NorCal - best dealer/fleet manager contacts?
Hi, all. I have a 2011 JK Sport, and have lurked and found useful info here for a while now, and really enjoy the forum.

I'm starting to think about trading the JK for a JKU Sahara (the dogs want back windows, and I'd like leather so the dog hair won't become as enmeshed! I'm in the San Jose area, but willing to consider at East Bay, Sacto area, etc for the right deal. I like to deal directly with fleet managers, for best price, no-BS, easy transactions. Can you recommend any you've had a good experience with in the Bay Area that I should contact?

Thanks so much, I really appreciate any thoughts. (Feel free to PM if that's more appropriate.)


redneckbrat 06-27-2013 03:14 PM

Try faxing the fleet dept with what you have and what you want to trade for. Might save you some time.

Macnerd 06-29-2013 02:22 AM

I picked up our JKU from Normandin. They're a family run business. They had a great price on the Oscar Mike. I asked them to cut it by a little more and they did. No fuss. All negotiations happened before I set foot on the lot.

Granted, it was one of their loss leaders, but $4k under msrp was pretty awesome for us! It was much better than I could get with my TreadLightly discount.

Good luck!!

cep55 07-01-2013 04:22 PM

Thank you both! I ended up contacting a whole bunch of fleet and internet managers (if you want feedback, PM me, I've got lots of good and bad things to say about various ones!) and found the right one. Bought it, but it's a dealer trade so still waiting for info. Moving slowly, but the mgr I worked with was great. As long as things don't go sidewise in this phase (that is, as long as I get it within the next couple of days) I'll post more details and strongly recommend him and his dealership!

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