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Holton345 06-27-2013 05:03 PM

Several Questions - Mystery Aftermarket Gear
I have a Mystery Switch.
I have a Mystery Wiring Harness
I have a Mystery Air Intake

Air intake system first - it is not really a mystery, save for the collection of parts.

This jeep came with an AIRAID cold air intake. I am pretty sure it is this one.

The filter is ruined and I could not find a local AIRAID dealer. The aid dam cover is gone, too. I have an oblong K&N on there now (only because it fits pretty well) and it seems to work as a *temporary* solution. There is no air dam now, so I am sure it is letting junk in. The conical K&N filter that looked like the AIRAID one was too large to mate to the AIRAID hose.

The wiring harness looks like it is for a trailer. It is long enough to dangle out the rear window or (cringe) shut into the door. I have never seen a trailer harness that was kept inside the vehicle rather than down by the hitch. I have not yet checked, but if the PO actually towed with this jeep I hope the bumper has frame tie-ins! I will look for those later on.

The switch on the dash has no positive function. I turned it on and off repeatedly with the jeep running and with it off. No lights or sounds. Could it be to the wiring harness? Would a trailer harness have a switch for some reason? I have never towed anything of my own, only ever borrowing a vehicle with the trailer already hitched up and wired. The RV my I used to help with as a kid had a much larger harness for brakes and such. So I am at a loss on this switch.

Does anyone recognize it as being a part of some aftermarket kit? Like it is used by a particular company or something? I am guessing it is generic Radio Shack stuff.

Lots of words to read. So to summarize:

1 - In the photos, does it look like that is the OEM tube from the throttle body to the short AIRAID tube?

2 - In the photos, does anyone positively recognize this type of connector? It has three red LEDs marked TM, LT, and RT. (trailer main, left turn and right turn?)

3 - In the photos, does anyone recognize this rocker switch as being a part of a kit or would it be a part of the wiring harness in the back?

Water Dog 06-27-2013 06:58 PM

The connector is just a four flat trailer connector plug with built in led's so you can tell if it's working. No clue about the switch (fog lights maybe?) or the CAI

jeepinmike 06-27-2013 07:48 PM

its a flat four trailer connector. Ive seen plenty of custom trailer harnesses installed in the interior and run out only when towing.

No idea on the cai.

You need to give us more on wiring to that is a typical aftermarket switch, a pic of it doesn't tell crap.

Holton345 06-28-2013 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by jeepinmike (Post 3906456)
it is a typical aftermarket switch, a pic of it doesn't tell crap.

That was what I wanted to hear. Thanks, man!

jeepwayoflife 06-28-2013 03:27 AM

For the CAI:

Stock tube until the flex part where it connects to the airaid tube. I would go with an Amsoil EA filter if you are keeping the CAI. Much, much better filtration than any oiled filters, and apparently better than stock paper filters as well. I have one on my jeep in place of the airaid the PO put in the jeep. You blow it clean with compressed air and I no longer have to worry about oiled filters letting contaminants into my engine.

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