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A_Whelan 06-27-2013 05:34 PM

Need help deciding on mods
Hey guys,

New to the forums and Jeeps (Intro Thread) . Been browsing for a while and decided to reach out and ask for help on finalized my mod list. This has a bit of everything so I hope it isn't breaking the thread rules.

Background & Use
I have a 2013 2 Door JK (manual) that is my daily driver. It's not a long commute and there is no highway driving, however I do drive across the province a few times a year, 1200km round trip. I'll probably jump on a trail every other weekend but I'm not and probably won't be a hardcore offroader. I'm open to mods, but due to my hybrid use of my jeep I'm not looking to go to the extremes or spend a lot of money. That's not to say I'll buy cheap stuff that will fall apart, I'm just watching the budget.

One thing I am a bit concerned about is voiding the warranty. I bought the extended 5 year but have some regrets after doing it. I like to wrench on vehicles and I'll want a lift before then. I did hear that my local dealers are pretty reasonable for lifts, maybe I will venture down that path :whistling:

Front Bumper & Winch
I was unfortunate and already had an accident in the Jeep. The front bumper took a hit and one fog light was popped out. I looked at prices for replacing the bumper and they were pretty high, so I opted to save the money and put it towards another bumper.

My big question about bumpers is about the width: stubby, mid or full. This is a daily driver and I've read about stubbies being a bit of a safety concern. It makes sense in my mind, but am I wrong?

Budget - $1,000 - $1,200
Preference: Mid - Full width, fog lights, winch

I looked through the Mega Bumper Thread and really liked the look of the Smitty Bilt XRC M.O.D. I know the first thing a lot of people will say, China. That's not a huge concern, yes I want to be safe but I'm going to go out on a limb and say if I hit something it's not going to fall apart. The fitment thing also seems to be a hit and a miss and something I'm willing to deal with.

I'm not keen on their winches though. I would like to get a Warn but I don't think they fit. Does anyone have a bumper suggestion similar on price (I quoted ~$800 for bumper, mid width ends, and stinger.) that could also fit my needs and possibly accept a Warn winch?

Lift & Fenders
Keeping in mind I don't want to void the warranty (and I'm ready to test and see how reasonable my dealership is) I'm going to get a Teraflex Leveling Kit. I might upgrade the shocks in the future but I'll run stock for a while and go easy. I'm also thinking about flat fenders and trying to decided between:

Metal Cloak - most durable, good looks, high price
Bushwacker - good looks, good price, not as reliable
And there was a third I forgot. Any more suggestions?

Wheels & Tires

With a leveling kit I'd like to go for 33's. I think I'm going to keep my factory 17's and wheels in tact for any long roadtrips I might take. For wheels I was looking at Mickey Thompson MT88, Level 8 Trackers & Ultra Gauntlet's. As for size I'm thinking 15x8. At this size would I have to make modifications on the callipers or would that depend on the wheels?

Last but not least, tires. There are soo many to choose from and I'm not really sure what to pick. When offroading it'll most likely be muddy, it's a fairly wet climate. I know mud tires create a lot of noise so finding a middle ground is key. And is it possible to find a tire that would preform well in winter (trying to kill two birds with one stone) or should I just buy winters separate?

Sorry for the long post, hoping to get a few opinions on things as I'm new and lost in the sea information. Thanks in advance for the help!

kjeeper10 06-27-2013 05:42 PM

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You might want to look at a coil lift running a front bumper/winch. The stock springs will eventually sag under the weight.
2.5" is "safe" as far as needing track bars/control arms right away. The more expensive kits typically have more parts. Teraflex/RK/MC are all popular kits.

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