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maperry 01-15-2009 06:55 PM

Loud Squeaking Noise
Hey guys, I have a 2003 wrangler that makes a really loud squeaking noise from what seems like the front right of the vehicle. The noise starts at about 20mph and stops at around 40mph. When I slow down below 20 the noise stops. It makes this noise in 2wd and 4wd. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

ccain 01-15-2009 07:15 PM

Maybe the wear indicator on your brake pads. If the pads are that low they would make constant contact with the rotor but may not "sound off" until higher speeds.

Just a thought and a place to start.

maperry 03-03-2009 10:45 PM

All four wheels have new calipers and pads. I inspected the u-joints and wheel bearings and could not find anything wrong. When I am driving and the noise starts it will go away when I put it into 4wd and give it gas, but the noise will come back when I let off of the gas. I have also tried applying the brakes, putting slight pressure on the clutch pedal, and disengaging the clutch but the noise was still there. I have tried to take it to the dealer for them to inspect it but when I got close to the dealership the noise went away and I couldn't get it to come back until the next day. Any new ideas?

TeeJay 03-16-2009 12:24 PM

You have 'angry sparrows'. You need to pull your front driveshaft and have the double cardon joint rebuilt. It's a fairly common problem on the front shafts as they get more junk in them. Esspecially if you hit mud at all.

Trust me. Rebuild the front shaft and you'll be good2go!

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