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1911A1 06-28-2013 10:11 AM

Any real good body shops for Jeeps in northern VA?
Two days ago, a driver coming in the opposite direction suddenly turned in front of me without warning. The police cited him for causing the accident, but my new 2013 Wrangler Sahara 2 door has considerable front end damage. I would welcome any suggestions for good body shops. Farrish Jeep in Fairfax, where I bought it, has a body shop, but I have no clue if they are any good. Hoping some of you might have some thoughts on where to take it to be put back together. Thanks.

Old Gunny 08-05-2013 03:01 AM

Hey 1911A1...i hope by now you have gotten your jeep repaired...most of the time you will get a fast answer from the members on this forum...then at other times all you hear is crickets...just keep asking and sooner or later someone will get back to you...this is a great forum with alot of great folks willing to help...again i hope the jeep is back up and wheeling...Gunny Out!!

1911A1 08-05-2013 10:48 PM

Hey there, Gunny, and thanks for the note. Never did get more than crickets, so I had it towed to the Jeep dealer where I bought it, which has their own (USAA approved) body shop. They have had it for 5 weeks so far and supposedly almost finished with factory replacement parts. Now I need to decide if I should just sell the thing as soon as I get it back and get a new one (it is a was only 3 months old), or keep it and go back to having fun with the thing. I know it's value plummets after an accident, so not sure what to do. I did like that Jeep.

Old Gunny 08-07-2013 05:12 PM

Hey 1911A1...i'm glad to hear it's almost far as trading it for another i think I'd drive it for awhile and see how it feels...if you really like it then keep it...i think you'd take a real beating on the trade even before the accident...but good luck with whatever you decide.
..that's just my two cents worth...Gunny Out!!

can haz jeep 10-09-2013 01:56 PM

Call Trick Trucks in Chantilly and see what they say. Otherwise I would say hit up D&V Autobody in Sterling or Springfield Autobody.

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