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Hobiesun 06-29-2013 01:48 PM

Odometer/Gauge issues NO LUCK!!!
I had to start a new thread on this one.
My gauges have been messing up for about a week now. It was all of them at first. They would come on after a few minutes and stay on until I would shut the Jeep off. Immediately turn it back on and they would be dead again.
Then it started getting worse. So I searched and searched and read a bunch of issues like this so I took it apart, cleaned the contacts, twisted them slightly, used dielectric grease, put it back together and still nothing. Kept getting worse. Then the Speedo/Tach started going.
Then for the last two days they have not worked at all. My odometer was stuck at 85,000 even for two days. On my way home from work tonight I was almost home and they all came back on again. The mileage stayed the same! I checked the trip and it started counting tenths. So I drove around until it hit a mile, switched over to the odometer and it was at 85001!!!
I drove at least 200 miles in those two days and it isn't showing? Highly doubting the 85000 low miles now!!!

Tyr4nt 06-29-2013 02:04 PM

huh... Mine does some weird stuff sometimes, like loss of tach & speedo, but I lose Odo too and it tells me "No Bus". I figure I have a ground lose/corroded somewhere. My plan was to put some super bright LEDs in the gauge cluster and clean up the grounds then. Also, when my gauges drop off, I get a MIL lamp. I usually maintain voltmeter, oil psi, fuel gauge & coolant temp - are you losing everything or just a couple gauges? You getting a MIL?

MrChopper2u 07-30-2013 07:34 PM

I have lost all gauges in my cluster, Odometer and my radio. All caution lights work. A couple of days ago they started going out intermediatly and two days ago they went out completly. Just pulled cluster panel out and no corrosion anywhere, losing the radio also has stumped me. Battery is good, starter wires are good. I'm running out of ideas. I need some suggestions fast!!!

jsuggs 07-30-2013 08:09 PM

If you are loosing all of the power accessories, meaning everything that comes on when the key comes on it could be the ignition switch. They go out a lot more than people realize. Try wiggling it around when they are not working. I know it is not very scientific of a test, but it is the fastest and easiest.

Next check fuses and relays,

After that it gets in depth fast.

That gives you a starting point, if that does not resolve your issue, I can try to talk you threw the rest of the procedure.

Best of luck..

ASE Master Auto Tech

Spitse 07-30-2013 08:30 PM

Check your ground wire/ mesh thing that goes from behind of dash to jeep frame. Mine was connected to the second post from drivers side the dash hangs on roughly by window about oil pressure distance over.

I noticed the need for this ground when I had dash off trying to figure out how to center blend door without having to pull HVAC box completely out. When I attached the ground, battery still hooked up ( bad I know, something I missed) the key was switched and the Gauges freaked out. When we made sure the ground wire was not touching anything the dash went blank.

Long story short, that wire may have come loose or disconnected, causing the weird issues.

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