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Owen_TJ 06-29-2013 04:33 PM

I was impatient and bad today...
Havent upgraded my axle or gears yet but thats coming within 6 months...

got too good of a deal to pass up on a set of 35x12.5x15's

stability is tons better than with my old 32's and i love the look...

here we are :)

YJ fanatic 06-29-2013 08:26 PM

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Beautiful jeep. I love the look. But why such a big flare in the rear though?

Owen_TJ 06-29-2013 10:24 PM

Thanks, man!!

And originally I was going to have zero flare front, 3" step sliders, then the 6" flat rears so it would kinda flow together but then I didn't get the step and still loved the 6" rear flares so I don't fling a bunch of stuff behind me and I just kinda like the rears covered for some reason lol

YJ fanatic 06-29-2013 11:31 PM

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Ahh, I understand. I'd never seen a setup like that before lol. I especially like the CJ style turn signals coupled with tube fenders on those TJs. Gives them a classic CJ/Willys look, in my opinion.

Tweak 06-30-2013 11:34 AM

thats a damn sexy TJ

Owen_TJ 06-30-2013 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by Tweak (Post 3913596)
thats a damn sexy TJ

Thanks, man! I appreciate that...

heres a before pic of it (bought october of 2010)

Spitse 07-04-2013 10:50 PM

What soft top you using? I like the look of it. Does it convert to the safari? What a difference from OEM!!!

Owen_TJ 07-05-2013 09:19 AM

Sorry man, didnt see this reply...

I'm running a Trektop NX (frameless top)...yes it converts to a safari top; it also has a sunrider option.

I've had it about a year and a half and absolutely love it...dont miss the two piece hardtop at all.

beaureed445 07-11-2013 10:09 AM

Man, we're building very similar set-ups.....I'm only running 33x12.50x15's right now, but I'm looking into 35's. I have a set of JK turn signals sitting on my workbench, waiting to be installed in the grill.

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