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wmwhitey 06-30-2013 12:19 AM

Adams Drive Shaft Install
I will start by saying sorry for no pics I might put some up later. The reason I am writing this is cause there are no instructions that come with the drive shaft and nothing I could find online on it either.

1. 150 torque wrench
2. 1 1/4 deep well thin wall socket
3. 5/15 wrench
4. 16 MM
5, 17 MM
6. 4" pulley puller
7. Loctite of choice I LIKE BLUE
6. Silicone
7. :banghead: I am sure I missed a tool or two but a basic socket set will get this job done.

1. Chalk the tires set the Emergency brake.
2. To make life easy remove the transfer case skid.
3. Brake loose all the bolts on your OEM drive shaft, there are 4 at the axle and 8 at the transfer case.
4. Lift the front of your Jeep and put your 4wheel drive in neutral.
5. Start with removing the 8 bolts that connect the drive shaft to the yoke.
6. Move to the front Remove the 4 bolts at the axle.
7. Your OEM Drive Shaft will come rite off now.
8. You now have to remove your OEM yoke.
9. 1" 1/4 nut is inside your yoke you need to remove that to pull the OEM yoke off.
10. If your yoke will not slide off you can use what I used and that was a 4" pulley puller popped it rite off.
11. There is a small rubber ring in your OEM yoke you need to pull it out and install it in your new yoke. Put a small amount of silicone on the ring and slide it in your new yoke.

1. Slide your new yoke into the transfer case. Tighten the nut down with the torque wrench to 150LB.
2. Insert your new drive shaft start with holding the front up with two bolts at the axle "don't tighten down yet they are just there to hold your drive shaft in place for now".
3. Use the 5/16 wrench and install the 4 supplied bolts with the new Drive shaft at the yoke. "start all 4 bolts use loctite if you want I suggest you do and tighten the bolts down evenly".
4. Move to the front and install the 4 OEM drive shaft bolts "use loctite again and tighten down evenly".
5. Lower the jeep down on the ground start your Jeep and put the 4weel drive in gear.
6. Return under the jeep and tighten all bolts down again.
7. Install your transfer case skid.
8. Your done go test it out here is the thing if you dont tighten all the bolts down even you will get a bad wobble and you will think your Jeep is jacked up.

Dont be rude if I missed anything just trying to help others out.

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