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Holton345 06-30-2013 07:38 PM

Need Someone to Blow Taps for my Dead SE
I got my dead 2.4L SE home today after a pretty sketchy 75 mile long tow home with improper gear and straps. (They were the best we could do on shot notice. And they worked.)

I have been working on the Sport since I got it. The CEL is now OFF. I hope the Jeep Gods deign it worthwhile to KEEP the dang thing off for a looooong time.

The 13 MPG is now up to an average of 16 with short state highway runs of about a half an hour (at 55 to 60 mph) where we are getting just a hair above 20 mpg. Daddy is pleased, to say the least.

The TC linkage now works properly and I have all four settings engaging and disengaging nicely, no popping out, no halfway positions, etc.

To get the CEL off I had to have all four O2 sensors replaced. The six rather tragic spark plugs also were tossed for new ones. The badly installed, plugged up and hole-filled cold air intake system was chucked for a completely stock one. I cleared the codes and dumped the memory so that the engine reset to factory defaults. Then I had to start up cold and drive a few times. After that the temp dropped to 210 and the CEL turned off.

The little 2.4L SE is now home from the dealership where is has sat since May 11th when it threw a rod through the rear of the block. The tow home was a perfect example of what could be termed a misadventure. But we only loosened the rear bumper of my jeep a bit, what with all the damned slack being snapped straight by my wife for 75 miles. (God bless her, but she does NOT know how to drive a car being towed through turns, braking and acceleration. She does now, but my poor rear bumper mounting bolts!!!)

Here are both of them, side by side in my carport. Thank God this mess is over. I have wheels again and the burden of having a dead vehicle on a lot 75 miles away is ended.

Now I have two paid-off jeeps, with the motor-less one in great physical shape, ready for an engine swap and a long arm lift...


MississippiDirtTJ 07-01-2013 07:23 AM

Time for some V8 power :thumb:

Holton345 07-01-2013 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by MississippiDirtTJ (Post 3915812)
Time for some V8 power :thumb:

Oh, yes. I cannot do this for some time. But I AM going to do it for sure at some point!

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