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dreamblaze185 07-01-2013 06:34 PM

Tire / Fender Flares Help
I have an 06 Wrangler with stock wheels and tires. I am looking to get 18" wheels and around 33" inch tires. I am totally lost when it comes to tire width and backspacing. I want the tires to stick out a little but not anything ridiculous. Also I want to get fender flares to line up with the tires. I like the pocket style ones that come in 4.5" or 6". So basically I am asking what width tire should I get with what width fender flares so they look good and line up? Thanks, and I appreciate any advice! This is my first Jeep and I really want to build it, and advice is welcomed!

Owen_TJ 07-01-2013 06:47 PM

You can put a 12.5" wide tire on there with some 6" pocket flares and about 4" backspace and it'll line up almost right on...

that being said, you cant fit 33's on a stock TJ...biggest you can fit on there would be a 31 without lifting. And since you're getting 18's i'm guessing its not going to see many trails so you would be fine to do a 2" budget boost to fit the 33's on there. Even then its going to rub a bit if you flex.

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