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Vesey 07-04-2013 01:37 AM

1990 YJ Clutch issues...

I have been reading posts, all the replies and have learned a lot over the past few hours.

Jeep was running awesome. Had it out on the Highway, top off, a truly wicked day. Stopped for 5 minutes, all of a sudden the car won't run and the clutch is floppy. The Master cylinder is empty. Filled it. Bled the system (as best I can) and am not getting any firmness returning to the clutch. I have a 90 YJ so the slave is in the bell housing and I bled it from the bleeder under the jeep. Also read that you can bleed it from the master cylinder. Bleeding is not working and now the clutch line is leaking from the end that attaches to the Master cylinder. Is it possible that I f&$%ed up the line. I swear I didn't tighten it too much. It is very weird that it is leaking from there.

Any tips tricks for getting me back on the road. Right now it is parked in a public lot 20 blocks away.

Thanks for any help.

AllMudd 07-04-2013 08:54 AM

Sounds to me like you need to replace the line. Old lines are brittle so it so won't take much to damage old parts. Also (just to get it home) will it start without the trans in gear? If so put it in first, crank it up (it will buck a little but just give it some gas) and take the nice slow ride home and avoid stopping as possible.

Vesey 07-04-2013 06:17 PM

Got it home but black smoke from the tail pipe.
Amazingly the "Leave the cap off for a few hours after tap dancing on the clutch (~150 times)" method that I read somewhere worked. I managed to limp it home. Runs like S&!# right now???? Puffin all kinds of dark smoke when I start it up and when I change gears.

Rumor has it that my seals are gone. Any tips on how to go about replacing them. Engine rebuild?

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