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music_man185 07-04-2013 06:21 PM

Radio Shuts Off With The Headlights
i made a thread a few days ago about my gauges cutting out when going over bumps, and my airbag light coming on. now i noticed something else that i think may be wrong. since i got my jeep, i noticed that when i turn the engine off, the radio shuts off, even in the accessory position. today my headlights were on when i turned the key off and into the accessory position, and the radio stayed on. when i turned the headlights off, the radio shut off. when i turned the headlights back on, the radio come back on. this isn't normal is it? i haven't had a chance to open my dash and inspect the wiring. my gauges seem to have cut out for good. they haven't worked in the last couple days and the airbag light has stayed on.

larjeep 07-04-2013 06:24 PM

You have a serious short. Or you took on major water or the po did.

music_man185 07-04-2013 07:25 PM

What is the fix?

Sccrbrg 07-04-2013 09:59 PM

Youd have to find the short. Is there any "creative" aftermarket electrical work? If there is id start there.

music_man185 07-04-2013 10:25 PM

there is a aftermarket subwoofer in the trunk. thats all i can think of.

music_man185 07-05-2013 05:59 PM

I forgot to mention that everything works fine when the key is on. The radio will work with or without the headlights. It's only on the accessory position that the radio will only work with the headlights on.

BigCrave 07-05-2013 08:57 PM

The PO probably did a really bad wiring job on it. Go to and find the wiring schematic and color code for your vehicle and check the wiring. Also, make sure you ground to something metal with a ring terminal and not to any other wires.

music_man185 07-07-2013 04:11 PM

i still haven't had a chance to check the wiring due to all the rain we've had. but i noticed today that when the headlights are on, not only does the radio stay on in the accessory position, but it stays on even in the off position. again, when i turn the headlights off, the radio will shut off.

and i dont know if its related, but when i start the jeep, the odometer is fairly bright. but after just a second, it dims and stays that way. like when you turn the headlights on. i can't even see it if its bright outside. the dimmer knob doesn't seem to change anything on the odometer or the gauges.

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