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Holton345 07-05-2013 11:52 AM

Nut in Frame Rail Spinning! X-p
In the photo (from AtoZ Fabrications) is the driver side frame tie-in for one of Zach's rear bumpers.

I have no issues with the two nuts on the right, and the second nut from the left (the rearmost to the two with nuts, lock washers and washers inside the frame rail), but the leftmost (forward most,too) nut is not reachable by anything I have around here, my 3/4" box end wrench has a 45 offset and the hole in the bottom of the frame rail is just too close to it to allow it to get anywhere near where that nut has to be.

I *think* that a 90 box end wrench would make the nut center on the hole just right. But no one here has ever heard of such a wrench. I have some, but they all are too small.

Any ideas? Holding with my fingertip resulted in a pretty sore fingertip.

Any online source for such a wrench?

I also could try to braze a brass rod to the nut, but have never had much success with brazing to steel. No welding possible at this time...

Trying to get this bumper problem sorted for four days now. Getting frustrated...

UnlimitedRubicon 07-05-2013 12:24 PM

My bumper came with flag nuts to use on those bolts. Isn't there a hole on the underside of the frame? Do you have a small pry bar or something similar that you can use to jam the nut enough to loosen it?

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