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MYKIDS95YJ 07-05-2013 10:08 PM

New 2013 Unlimited Moab
I have been on here four awhile. We have a 95 YJ (sons) and a 2001 XJ ( princess) . We just survived a real bad car crash, in a 2013 Ford Explorer, I have a broken back, wife shattered face ( 5 hours of surgery and more to come) kids bumps, bruises, and trauma for life. We have a long road ahead, but glad to be alive!
The SUV did a great job, airbags everywhere. We do not think we will every be comfortable in another one though. We are thinking Moab. I need her to feel safe.
I hope that it is refined enough, nice ride, quiet enough, smooth enough, and safe enough. Which is normally what every one does like about the JKs

Lusus_Naturae 07-06-2013 01:45 AM

Congrats and well wishes on surviving and getting well again. My wife and son have been through a few car accidents, no injuries to my son in the light accident, but my wife has back injuries from another one - and probably will for life. She thinks the JKU is comfortable, and isn't fazed by safety. The only reason she survived the bad accident was because she learned to drive in Germany and could steer herself to safety instead of hitting the bridge and dying. Safety stuff is good, knowing your car and how to drive is vital no matter what you drive.

Well, are you going with the 4 door then? Also check out the side air bag option, it's not much extra anyhow. Personally, I'd rather have a strong frame and rails over airbags but I can have them all, so why not.

If you are looking at new ones the ordering for the 2014's is open now, there are some decent new colors and radio options from what I have been reading.

HillbillyJeeper 07-06-2013 01:59 AM

Sorry to hear about you and the wife getting banged up, glad to hear the kids weren't seriously hurt though.
MOAB is awesome ride, why not go on to a Rubi though? Little more coin but the benefits are exponential. Just a thought.

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