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bubby1218 07-05-2013 11:09 PM

yj air conditioning problems
New to this sight, bought 1993 YJ jeep to play with after retiring .unit charged. no power to compressor. unless jumped from battery. Jumped low pressure switch at dryer still doesn't come on. Fuses and relay good. fan and compressor switch good. ground on compressor good. jump compressor with hot wire ,compressor kicks in. will not blow cold air. .Started this three days ago. had half can of 134a put in working good turned off A.C. Go get another can from store, came back to finish .Has not worked since .

cakes567 07-06-2013 01:02 AM

Did you blow a ac line with the stuff? That caned ac pro or what ever I would not suggest using. Iv seen more people blow lines up with that stuff. There a high medium and low ac pressure and thoes cans only show one pressure. Same thing happed to my truck. Had work done to it and they never charged the system back up. Sence there was no pressure in the system it didn't turn anything on just like your saying. So i would double check and make sure you have the proper pressures and didn't blow up a line.

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