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BlueRidgeYJ 07-06-2013 08:41 AM

Across the street from where Ms Blueridge works, a college kid went to the grocery store to buy water and other goods. When she and her friends emerged from the store, they got into their suv. Then seven people in plain clothes came and started yelling commands, beating on the windows, and drawing firearms. The occupants immediately called 911. So did a bystander in the parking lot.

Apparently, the Gestapo-like ABC (alcohol cops) were out in force, and although there were seven of them, they could not tell water from booze. Not one had a uniform or a externally worn badge, just cracker-jack badges from pockets that were briefly flashed. Scared for their safety, the girls began to drive away. They did not hit or injure any of these elite troopers, yet she was arrested for trying to run them over. When the 911 dispatcher finally confirmed they actually were police (which Va has a law where you can dial 911 to ensure a plainclothes officer is legit), she stopped and profusely appologized. She spent the night in jail anyway, and was wrongfully charged with multiple felonies, while those scum sucking pigs get no punitive actions for violating her, and her companies, civil rights and for lying about her 'trying to run officers over'. Dirty lying pigs.

Seven officers for a grocery store. Meanwhile, we had a bank robbery here last week. The state, who has jurisdiction on those, was the last agency on scene. Multiple adjacent counties had arrived to secure the scene before the state pigs finally made it. Good to see what those elite troopers are concerned with.

Shame on you, Va state PD. If you could, please sign the petition to our Governor to dicipline these officers so they learn what the Constitution actually says.

1jeeplvr 07-07-2013 10:35 AM


fan of fanboys 07-07-2013 01:18 PM

But cops are awesome!!!!!

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