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PrepJim 01-17-2009 03:41 PM

2009 Wrangler Front Plastic Bumper Dented on Rental....
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I recieved a 2009 Jeep Wrangler and was going through the woods to pull out some firewood to drag for a bonfire. when I got back realized that the front plastic / polyurathen sp? was dented in two different spots. can the plastic part of the bumper come off so i can push the dents out. I am assuming I must of ran over a tree and thats how the dents got there. but this care is a rental cause my caddie is in the shop. cant afford another deductible. I can post pics but didnt wanna start tearing apart at it if i can't fix it.

all help is well appriected.

shoulda listened to the wife when she said dont be a dumba$$ and take it out off the road... :banghead:

BeerMonkeY 01-17-2009 04:26 PM

the bumper cover comes off pretty easy, i just dont remember how, but the white crease marks wont and neither will all the scrateches

4point 01-17-2009 04:49 PM

Well Jim, it looks as though your wife was right. (they always are) That's gonna leave a mark. Check craigslist in your area to see if someone is getting rid of one.

Hitchhiker 01-17-2009 08:56 PM

Here's one on eBay, ad ends tomorrow.


turdhurdler 01-17-2009 11:29 PM

I used to work in the rental car world. If you did not rent from an airport location you may not have to worry. The people who check the cars in do it rather fast and don't really care one way or another. Also, if you took the damage waiver, just say that you came out of a resturaunt and noticed the damage. They cannot prove that you did or did not cause the damage in that situation. Although, if you have mud on the bottom, you may want to take the Jeep to a full service car wash to power wash the bottom and see if they can buff out the scratches in the plastic. Good luck.


PrepJim 01-18-2009 12:19 PM

thanks for all your help, gonna get to rippen' the bumper off and worse case if they make me pay or ins claim(thats why i have the jeep cause caddie is in the shop) I have driven several cars/trucks and i truley love the wrangler but would prefer maybe a hard top cause of wind noise....I need to find a used to play around with, cause im not given up the CTS.

let u guys know how it went....

thanks!! :blunt:

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