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williamyj 07-12-2013 01:15 AM

Transmission help
Hello. So lately when i go into reverse it is gringind. Which i understand is no synchronizer and i need to go in a forward gear first. But while at a stop sign today i came to a complete stop and went to put it in first and it would not go in. Same thing with second. I ha to sit there trying to ham it in for what seemed like minutes was probably only 15-20 seconds. Luckily no one was behind me to get mad. But i thought maybe my clutch just needs to be adjusted or bled. What is the issue and how to i fix it. Thanks for the help. It is a 95 with 4.0 and 5 spd.

dukes-o-hazard 07-12-2013 02:53 AM

Sounds like a clutch to me, if that is the case you will have to separate the engine from the transmission enough to get to the clutch to replace it. But you might just need to adjust the release lever which would also involve the above. Here is the link to the service manual:

Rodential 07-12-2013 02:53 PM

I had a problem a little less than a week ago with my 94 4.0 and 5 speed. I did a ton of research and found that on 94 and 95 you cant really bleed the hydraulic clutches the conventional way. Theres a more complicated way where you unbolt the slave cylinder and pop your master cylinder cap and manually pump your slave cylinder a bunch. But another poster had the same problems as I did and just replaced his whole master cylinder slave cylinder assembly and fixed his issues. I picked one up from oreilly's a couple days ago for 160 dollars and swapped it out in a little less than 30 min. It really easy and fixed all of my problems. It sounds like you have the same problem that I had. Mine just got worse the longer I drove it until I had to just jam it into 2nd to get it home. If you go that route just keep in mind that the assembly is prefilled and pre-bled. So dont let the dumbass parts guy open it sideways in the store because he doesnt believe you.
Hope this helps.

williamyj 07-12-2013 03:51 PM

Thanks a bunch. Ill try that before i take the tranny off to replace the clutch

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