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infamousbliss 01-19-2009 04:22 PM

to good to be true!
so i was up late surfing craigslist sat. night and i came across an add for a 05 unlimited rubi. (ask and you shall receive) anyways the add said $3923. catch is the kids parents refuse to pay for his student loans anymore. lol his loss is my gain i guess. it's got 47k on the odometer, but i have to fly to utah and pick it up at his parents house. dam bank was closed today so i couldn't do anything. will be there first thing in the morning and be flying out to utah on moday. i wil be over extending myself a little after i just took a personal loan to build up my tj last wed. i was going to buy my friends wrecked rubi, but this one is just to good to be true. he's faxing over some papers for me tonight. i just hope this is real and not some scam. i'll keep you all updated. i feel like i hit the lottery. i asked him if the asking price was right and he said that's what he owes on his loans. i asked why and he said he didn't really care that much his mom had bought it for him for a high school grad present. (where do you find parents like that?) when i grad. my parents bought me luggage cause my college was 6 states away and they anticipated me doing a lot of traveling. yeah right. 18 and away from home like i was coming back. hahaha

orange05tj 01-19-2009 04:37 PM

I can just imaginge his parents faces when you arrive at the door telling them you just bought the Rubi for that price. They gonna freek.

4Jeepn 01-19-2009 04:40 PM

Did you speak with the parents? Did he fax you a copy if title with HIS name on it?

infamousbliss 01-19-2009 04:43 PM

well it's actually going through ebay for his piece of mind. ha he just made my day. he said it's paid off in full in his name but like i said, he will be available to talk with my bank on the phone tomorrow. i really don't care what his parents think. it's probably a ploy for more of their attention. his loss is my gain. i'm jumping around i'm so excited.

B86W05 01-19-2009 04:43 PM

i hope it works out for you

p-rev 01-19-2009 04:46 PM

dude it probably is too good to be true. people get scammed on craigslist all the time.

infamousbliss 01-19-2009 04:57 PM

i hear you. if his is willing to work it out with my bank and the bank approves then how can i go wrong? my parent would do similiar stuff when i was growing up, force me to make a choice. i think this on eis just back firing for all of them. his loss on the jeep and a kick in the nuts for the parents. he sent me the dealer invoice from when he bought it and a copy of his registration. i haven't received a copy of the title yet, but as of this very moment it seems legit.

afrats 01-19-2009 05:01 PM

Sweet. Make sure you keep us posted and post pics when you get it.

infamousbliss 01-19-2009 05:03 PM

wife is kinda pissed i said i was going to utah alone. i asked her if she was willing to sleep in the jeep for 2 to 3 days with out a shower. she said she wanted to get rooms. not in my budget. hahaha

orange05tj 01-19-2009 05:04 PM

So...he has all your banking information?

infamousbliss 01-19-2009 05:08 PM

he had my loan officers phone number and fax number. you take me for a fool. j/k

Kevin B 01-19-2009 05:29 PM

Hey I'm just letting you know I was recently surfing craigslist baltimore and found a 2001 Wrangler Sahara for sale for $3970, this sounded perfect as I am a poor high school student looking for a wrangler. I emailed the person and got this as a response:

"First of all I want to thank you for your interest for my car. I sell it at this price($3,970.00 ) because i'm in a divorce with my husband.
Now the car is in my property and as a women i don't need it. This car is in excellent working conditions, no scratches,
flaws or any kind of damage, slightly used in 100% working and looking conditions and comes with a clear title.
From the beginning you have to know that for the payment I request only secure pay, I prefer the payment to be done using eBay services.
We will use a safe payment method because I am affiliated at eBay and I have a purchase protection account for $20,000.00
The final price that I want for this car is $3,970.00 including shipping and handling.

If you are interested in buying it please provide me your full name and address so I can initiate
the deal through eBay.
I will wait your answer very soon.

Kristen Cutkosky"

I thought it seemed really sketchy and because you said something about paying through ebay I figured you would probably appreciate seeing this. I think just as your title says this deal is just to good to be true and I would be careful with your money


GrnTJ 01-19-2009 05:33 PM

Well I honetly hope this works because I was about to buy a Rubi on ebay right before I found out it was a scam. I was royaly pissed but atleast I hadnt lost my $$ yet. Good luck and your one lucky son of a gun if this works out.

infamousbliss 01-19-2009 05:43 PM

i've spoken with the kid on the phone and i really think his is just in a tiff with his parents. either way i don't care what his problem is. if he is going to sign over the title to me for $3900, then i will take advantage of the situation. he's telling me he can't get a loan cause he hasn't paid any of his student loans and everything is catching up with him and his parents have had it will him, yada yada yada. personally i think he talks to much and i hope i can make my bank do this tomorrow. he goes to school at umass and i plan on meeting him at my bank tomorrow at noon.

cherokee980 01-19-2009 05:52 PM

Be careful!!!!!!!!

rrich 01-19-2009 05:52 PM

If you are going there - why use ebay at all?
Inspect it, AND the paperwork.
Go with him to the DMV IN THE VEHICLE - have them do the transfer into your name from HIS. GET A COPY OF HIS DRIVER'S LICENSE TOO. Doesn't hurt to take a few pictures of it before you go - and "accidentally" get him in the picture too.

What can happen?
It's not his.
If you leave it out of your sight when at the DMV it gets "stolen."
Pay by check.

Sounds like a scam.

p-rev 01-19-2009 06:47 PM

check the trunk for a dead body, large amounts of cocaine, or sex slaves being smuggled.

speepdaedeesi 01-19-2009 07:05 PM

+1 on the craigslist ad.

i saw one on here recently for the same kinda deal. i was going to reply just to see what was up, but it got flagged by others when i looked it back up.

one thing ive noticed on all the scams on craigslist, is they use html for the ads, so they look fancier, and they always have their direct email on the ad.

kinda hard to explain but someone out theres gotta know what im talking about.

ads dont around here like that dont last long. others in teh area know they are scams and flag em quick.

but yea just be careful!!!!!!

afrats 01-19-2009 07:05 PM


jdhallissey 01-19-2009 07:11 PM

To p-rev if there are sex slaves I will come help transport just let me know! hope it is legit. I will buy it off of you for 5k! hajahahaha

BARKDOG67 01-19-2009 07:19 PM

Im telling you this because i use to sell cars and have seen all the scams come my way. I know and you know that kid can sell that jeep for more than 3900 fast and easy. I would get the title and see the jeep and verify the vin number in person before you hand over any cash. You also need to make sure it is not in his parents name , that means his name only not father/son or mother/son names on the title. If you don't watch you will lose your money and it will take a long time to get it back , if you do.

orange05tj 01-19-2009 07:23 PM

Did it get flagged?

Triple88a 01-19-2009 07:42 PM

good luck man, hope the kid is just screwed up.

rookiejeeper 01-19-2009 07:56 PM

I have seen these ads on Craigslist in the Richmond,Va. area on a weekly basis. I usally email them and tell them I will be reporting them and they remove the ads but they always show up again. I responded to a couple of ads when I was looking for my 97' Sport and received the same email that "Kevin B' referred to.

You know what they say...If it sounds to good to be true......!!!

Good Luck, but be careful with any personal info.

Twozerofd 01-19-2009 08:01 PM

Good luck on this one. But I guess unless you try you won't actually know if its a scam or not.

chesterspl 01-19-2009 10:26 PM

Yea it can't hurt to try but I would want to see the title through a fax before I go. If they bought it for him as a gift it may be in his dads name. His dad may put the kibosh on it when he figures out what is going on and if I traveled that far and got screwed someone is going to the hospital or the morgue.

Scout 01-19-2009 11:37 PM


Originally Posted by BARKDOG67 (Post 310839)
Im telling you this because i use to sell cars and have seen all the scams come my way. I know and you know that kid can sell that jeep for more than 3900 fast and easy. I would get the title and see the jeep and verify the vin number in person before you hand over any cash. You also need to make sure it is not in his parents name , that means his name only not father/son or mother/son names on the title. If you don't watch you will lose your money and it will take a long time to get it back , if you do.

x2. Also, the Jeep may be in his name but any smart parent would put a lien on the vehicle in their name. I'm betting this is either a scam or you're about to travel a long way just to find out that this isn't going to happen. Either way it sounds like no one here is going to sway your decision so good luck...

01 TJ 01-19-2009 11:41 PM

Good Luck and BE CAREFULL! A buddy of mine bought one of these unbeleivable deals on ebay and got scammed o the tune of 5k!! It took a year and a half to get his monet back but broke even becaus of leagl fees! Again, GOOD LUCK!

infamousbliss 01-21-2009 09:57 AM

so here is the update. the guy meets me at the bank yesterday at noon. like he said he would. he is a jr. his father's name was on the title and he said he wanted 93 for it not 39. i emailed him 3 times time confirm the price and he said 39. anyways 93 is not that bad but i opted out of the deal. oh well. wish i could of taken advantage of that deal but i just can't swing the payment right now

jgano23 01-21-2009 10:10 AM

wow, that sucks dude. but it is probably better that way, at least you didn't have to travel all the way to utah to find that out.

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