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jeepjeep 01-19-2009 05:33 PM

dealer messed up my clutch!!
:banghead: so, I took in my truck for a squeak sound coming from the clutch area, they said I need a release bearing, so they replaced it under warranty, no big deal they had it for 4 days and i got it back.ok. so i picked it up after hours since this was new years eve and they closed early. when, i started the truck it was making a horrible clunking sound , so i looked under it anmd found a sheared off bolts from trans mount to skid plate, but the noise wasn't coming from there!. drove it home. checked it out more and found the 4wd light inop the new release bearing was squeaking , now its locked in 4low??? called in 2 days to raise some hell and schedule a time to bring it back. dropped it off the sunday, finaly got a call telling me to pick it up the following friday.when i picked it up i was told they replaced the mount they broke, "they lubed the release bearing" which is b.s. and they adjusted the linkage for 4wd. they could not hear any noises, so i took the advisor to my truck and started it, he heard the noise right away, so i told them i am leaving it for repair and i want a loaner/rental they told me to no and you are going to have to find a ride or drive the truck???asked to speak w/ service director, no he left for the day, so in 6 days they replaced my tranny mount and some little b.s.I drove it home with the trans banging around, release bearing squeaking and the t-case still locks in 4low.took it in the following monday had the tech and service director and told them the sound was never there until they pulled the trans the first time, they said i am a priority and will get right on it! in the mean time i emailed chrysler corp and explaind in deatail what is happening after 4 day no response from chrysler and no call from my dealer with my truck! wtf no wonder they are going under!i get a call from my dealer they told me my hub on my clutch disc is broken and chrysler declined the claim, so i called chrysler and bitched they told me to fuck off its only covered for 12mo or 12k miles, so now my trans/t-case is in the truck of my 2006 wrangler w/ 29k miles in my drive way, had it towed out of the dealer, my new clutch is coming in tomorrow...sorry but this really is the short version :bottom:

afrats 01-19-2009 05:45 PM

That sucks. I hope it all works out. That's why I hate going to the Stealership!!

infamousbliss 01-19-2009 05:56 PM

call the better business bureua. tell them the situation and have them put a call into this stealership. also your jeep is warrantied for 80,000 miles. this is the power train warranty and it sounds like your power train. if you get no where with that jeep dealership. take it to another. i took my jeep to 4 different dealerships when the flex plate broke on mine. it ran real funny for about a week and then it went boom. the first dealership told me nothing was wrong and charged me $80. the second dealership told me something had to break to cover it under warranty, charged my $110. the third dealership told me to bring it back so they could look into some more. the next day it wouldn't even move. had it towed to the fourth dealership and they said the flex plate had blown to pieces. keep in mind the is a 2007 jk with less than 3000 miles at the time.
in the long run chrysler cut me a check for $360 gave me a loaner jeep for a week and replaced my tranny, clutch, engine and i few other things..the enginge was replace due to the failure of the flex plate scrated the block in a bunch of places and i complained and even had my attorney give them a ring. they didn't replace the $150 my attorney charged me for the two phone calls he made but in the end i was happy. hope this helps you

jeepjeep 01-19-2009 06:05 PM

my truck is still under the original 3yr/36k miles, it does have extended power/drive train coverage. i does not matter if i take to another dealership chrysler declined the claim even when i called in a bitched.i would understand if it was a slipping clutch but its not it has a broken hub on the disc. they still dont care por customer service and even worse customer service from the dealership!!

jdhallissey 01-19-2009 06:27 PM

Lawyer up and go to town. It may cost you 150 bucks or more like the other guy but they will fix it soon enough

infamousbliss 01-19-2009 06:33 PM

def get your lawyer involved, it might cost you a little bit in the short term but if your lawyer is worth his weight you can get them to pay him as well. mine had offered to do so, but i was already happy with the outcome so i let it be.

rrich 01-19-2009 08:07 PM

You can talk to lawyers, make phone calls, complain here, run ads in the newspaper -- But! ZZIIPP

Intil you take it somewhere that knows what they are doing and can diagnose and fix it - you are wasting your time.

Find another dealership or a shop with a good reputation that has mechanics, not butchers - take it there - get an affidavit as to what's really wrong and pictures. Suddenly they'll step up to the plate and "git er done."

Go over the service managers head to the district service rep, then go over his, they'll talk to you if you have proof.
So far the dealer service manager has managed to cover up with the factory - lied. Get to the right guy - the entire pyramid of liars will collapse.

jeepjeep 01-20-2009 09:28 PM

well i just put in the new clutch still squeaks and clunks in the trans...i am so tired of dealing with this!probably gooing to take it to another dealer???

Triple88a 01-20-2009 09:45 PM

aaahhh gotta love the domestic dealerships.

jeepjeep 01-21-2009 06:35 PM

so i set another appointment for tuesday after i get back from hardrock...we will see...

jp'rs_peep'rs 01-23-2009 09:40 AM

Christ! The dealerships and companies should be taken to a whip'n post. I've had my share of run'ns with the dealerships here in my area and they are the pits. They have yet to resolve the issues with Silver. I wont buy another Crysler product or buy an American vehical until they address there issues. Back to Suzuki, Toy, Honda, Nissan. It's a shame because I like Silver.


jeepjeep 01-30-2009 09:42 PM

in the dealer with the trans out of it for the 3rd time... been there all week... there is no hope for chrysler with dealers like this:banghead:... anybody body know the vin #'s that fall into the t.s.b. on switching to a 7 blade fan w/ heavyduty clutch?:crash:

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