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shelbyc415 07-16-2013 05:18 PM

2001 TJ 2.5 engine swap getting no fire
What's up guys, got a few questions to the wrangler guys out there, I've owned a few vehicles in my day but never a jeep, found a 2001 for 300 bucks, well obviously couldn't pass it up. Needed a motor (has a 2.5) 5 speed with air, so I said sure why not let's do it. Little did I know finding a "good" used 2.5 was going to be ridiculous, but found one, out of a 1991 YJ, seemed like a good plan at 450 bucks. so get it home and, huh, one is a vacuum advance and the other isn't, son of a... well lets swap EVERYTHING out, put the engine in and nothing at all. Come to find out the last 2 things that didn't meet my everything category where the Oil pan and Flywheel (it had a newer clutch didn't want to buy another one) so now after taking the motor back due to the flywheels being the same but totally different thank you Crankshaft positioning sensor. I still have nothing, I put in the dist. to the 2001 setting (TDC= 3 O'clock) and the 1991 setting (TDC= 6 O'clock) have plenty of fuel obviously air and getting not a single fire, also when I check the coil it has spark not a pretty Blue one but good enough to fire at the plug which also has a spark. Looking for anyone that can help me out.

PS the 91 (new one) I drove before it was pulled out so it ran before.

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