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CollegiateJeeperDB 07-19-2013 08:44 AM

Replacing Sway Bar, links, coils
Okay, so I have been trying to fix a issue with my sway bar links for a few weeks now to no avail. After making this post (, I recieved a lot of great feedback, but unfortuately I seem to be only one experiencing this particular issue. Seemed like the links were just loose and needed tightening, so I tried some advice you all gave me and discovered that the bolts are all perfectly tight. I can put my hand on the link and move it - you can feel and see the bolt moving around inside the hole of the sway bar - so one way or another either the bolt has gotten smaller or the hole on the sway bar has gotten bigger - causing the bolt and link to rattle and create obnoxious noises when turning sharp or going over any sort of bump/rough terrain. Oh, and they also refuse to loosen, I've tried everything so don't even bother posting advice on that. My plan is to cut them off and replace them - being absolutely sure to grease, tighten, and clean them far more regularly than as even suggested. (Betting my lack of maintenence while away at school played a roll)

Anyway, that's the back story. Assuming the sway bar hole has gotten bigger, I would just go ahead and replace the sway bar along with the links. And while I'm under there I might as well replace the coils too - they are still stock and I can already see sag from having my AM bumper on for a year, plus I will be adding a winch in the near future.

To the questions:
1. Can I install a sway bar from a rubicon to get the electronic disconnect feature or is that not possible on a Sahara for some reason?
2. Would that come with links or would I need to buy sepearte links? And if yes to the latter, what do you reccomend? (As good as I think Terafelx products are, I'm dissapointed in their customer service in terms of cummincation via their website, e-mail, and on this forum - so I would like to go somewhere else with my $$)
3. What coils does anyone suggest? I have a terflex leveling kit and am not looking to jack it up and do a full makeover of ym suspension - havn't even gotten my tires yet :nonono:
4.Suggestions for any of the above; if the Rubicon sway won't work or someone has done the same sort of replacing scheme what did you use, etc.

Thanks guys.

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