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Bent axle Bob 07-24-2013 11:29 AM

My 1988 4.2 YJ is coming back to life.
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Well i and new to the forum and figured I start a little thread on getting my Jeep back to life. This was my first car. Back in 1997 I was a broke college kid at the beach and the Jeep suffered the much needed maintenance and upkeep I parked in at my folks house and said dont drive it... they lost the keys (ignition and locking gas cap). It has been sitting ever since in the driveway.

So this week I started the task of bringing it back.. it is a 1988 4.2L inline with the carter carb and Ba-10 5-speed.

I got Gambler rims and tires off a guy on C-list last week to replace the rotted ones. Now she stands on her own feet with matching spare.

i also found on C-list a Bestop Supertop and frame and full soft doors for a great deal last month.. so now it sports that instead of the infamous blue tarp.

I ordered new ignition with keys and pulled all the plugs and poured marvel mystery in all cylinders. after it sat for awhile i put a wrench on it and turned the motor by hand. It turned. Pulled the thermostat housing and found out that there wasnt one in it. That is another story. Great. Cleaned the housing of all rust and bought a new thermostat and fel-pro gasket... Today i will be changing all the oil and plugs and wires and pick up a new battery.... while I am waiting 7-10 days on the ignition I got through Quadratec (ignition will be shipped from manufacture)

Feel free to share any advice, information, recommendation of what works and what doesnt.. I will try my best to stay on top of this forum (even got the App on phone) to keep updates rolling. Also this is just to get it running and a driver.. Im not building a mudder or rock krawler at this point .. that will be determined later. Right now just get it working and operating correctly.

Things so far on the list...

1) Engine tune up, fluids, and filters and belts
2) Brakes all the way around
3) Gas tank removal and clean out and replace any parts needed.
4) Steering column tear down and install new ignition

AllMudd 07-24-2013 01:46 PM

Looking good, along with with doing the brakes make sure you check the rubber lines for dry rot that's causing brittle lines. His could be a bad thing if they break at 60 mph. Also the hard lines for rust.

Bent axle Bob 07-24-2013 04:11 PM

Thank you Allmudd ..Yep I agree.. I will take some pics of the brakes and drop them on here....Definitely need to check that.

c5wagner 07-24-2013 04:37 PM

Get rid of that BA-10 pukey! And if you don't have tight smog restrictions and can swap the carb, check this out New Motorcraft 2150 Jeep AMC Eagle Pacer Carb Upgrade 258 4 2 1 08 Venturis | eBay it would cost the same as having your carter rebuilt, but it is a major upgrade, and this ebay seller is very helpful. Also, don't forget the hoses when doing the tune up.

Bent axle Bob 07-25-2013 03:16 PM

Yeah I would like to put an ax-15 in there when I run across one. Need to research exactly what to get for that conversion . i know some donor vehicles to get some.The jeep was under coated a long time back and has help preserve everything .. Frame is in real good shape.

WVHotWheeler 07-25-2013 08:44 PM

Its allways good to bring one 8 year old son has been helping me with mine,I think he is hooked now too.

1987Wrangler YJ 07-25-2013 08:54 PM

Don't bother bringing that carter back to life, let him rest in hell. Buy a weber or motorcraft carburetor. I would also recommend changing the diff fluids. and that top looks pretty sad. LOL. working on something similar, best of luck

WVHotWheeler 07-25-2013 09:30 PM


Originally Posted by 1987Wrangler YJ (Post 4003744)
Don't bother bringing that carter back to life, let him rest in hell. Buy a weber or motorcraft carburetor. I would also recommend changing the diff fluids. and that top looks pretty sad. LOL. working on something similar, best of luck

I put a 350cfm Holley on with a Clifford intake I did down size the jets but works great.

Bent axle Bob 07-31-2013 10:36 AM

Been away with password issues.. Yeah this was my 1st car so ...bringing it back is fun. Very awesome WVHotWheeler.

I have looked at the Clifford and the carb setups before... i like what I see on that setup. If this motor is salvageable.. Then I will probably go one of those routes. But right now... I am trying not to spend a lot on a questionable motor. Lets just see if i can get it to fire up. Before it sat ... the carb was running perfect. And the motor is a rebuild with somewhere around 30,000 miles.

I am going to drop the tank next.. PB blastered the bolts already.

Bent axle Bob 07-31-2013 10:48 AM

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Worked on changing the ignition out.. That was fun... The Haynes manual helped a little. Now I have keys..YEAH! :thumb:Somehow the little horn button shot off like a rocket.. I have the spring and pin but.. the cap is gone. :banghead:Ordered a whole one on Feebay. Also that lock spring was a huge pain.

Bent axle Bob 07-31-2013 10:55 AM

As for the softop..LOL!! It is a Bestop Supertop that I bought on C-list.. frame, top, full doors, and all hardware. (200.00) Works a whole lot better than a blue tarp.. I have the matching full soft doors. The header bar has pulled up from the windshield (rusted out holes). I think one screw is holding it. The top has no tears and all the zippers work. Just needs a good cleaning. The current half doors were free from a junk yard.. but I already have another pair that match the top.

Bent axle Bob 08-01-2013 10:24 AM

so i got a new battery and it doesnt fit the tray.... why???.. did the battery get bigger or am I getting the wrong battery? I went back to the auto store.. and they said that it is the correct one ... or am I going to have to modify the tray to make it fit with my grinder and cut off wheel? I will take a pic today of what I am talking about.

Bent axle Bob 08-15-2013 11:52 AM

Modified the battery tray.. Took tabs off sanded and painted.. Had to raise the battery with some half inch plywood.. Treated... Starter is not turning.. Have a replacement though.. Bolting that it today.

1987Wrangler YJ 08-15-2013 12:19 PM

You have to slide the battery in. not drop it in. Those tabs you took off help to keep the battery from moving up and down. take a rubber mallet to the starter then see if it will turn. also the soft uppers in your pic are supposed to be round like your full doors

Bent axle Bob 04-13-2014 10:13 PM

Been awhile .. the 1993 jeep has been acting a fool.

Yeah i got the correct doors in the back.. full soft doors that came with the top.

LOL Everyone is so concerned about the top/doors .. this thing was a daily driver for four years.. rain sleet snow.. had no top the entire time. Pull the plugs keep the heat on and squiggie the windshield. I was tired of buying tarps.. and HOA can't STF now... so I picked up a used Bestop with full soft doors for cheap. If I take the half doors off I got to put them somewhere where they can't be stolen or damaged..

The tray had to be modded. There was no way to fit the new battery.. batteries side by side huge size difference.

No power to starter.. replaced all fuses.. inspect wires… motor turns by hand… ignition replaced .. still no turn over.. SMH... I sure hope a rodent didn't eat a wire..

Installed new dash panel over dash lights.. those were completely faded.. color washed off.. sanded floor pans and painted to stop rust in spots..

Bent axle Bob 10-08-2016 09:00 PM

Finally got back around to the jeep…… the rusted bent up factory bumper and bolts had to come off .. breaker bar and multiple PB treatments.

Still can't get this thing to power up. I replaced the ignition relay( located on firewall), the ignition module, all spark plugs and wires, the fuel filter , the air filter, the battery , oil change and filter change … all the gauges work and headlights come on…. but the brand new starter won't kick or act like it engages at all.

Any Ideas? Should i make a ignition bypass ?
This year didn't have a clutch sensor on it if I remember correctly…

Replaced the headlights with some china replacements.. that take a small halogen bulb… weirdly there is a small little blue bulb in these with the halogen bulb. Bought a wire kit for those to see what they do.

Next up is drop the original 15 gallon gas tank.. and make decision what to do there .. its been parked since 1999 so I'm sure this will be interesting.

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