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Palthouse21 01-26-2009 01:14 PM

Soft Top Advice in Upstate NY
I recently purchased an 05 Wrangler X and I love driving it. The vehicle came with a hard top and I have been looking at soft tops online. What type of soft top would you recommend purchasing? Where should I look to purchase it? Any general advice on soft tops? I live in Ulster County and was wondering if anybody knows if there are any places out my way to look for one?

Thanks for any advice that you may have

orange05tj 01-26-2009 03:17 PM

where in Ulster County? There are not many (if any) shops around here. There is a place in Middletown called ECS that can order one, but your better off going through Quadratec then them. It was cheaper for me to do that then go through them. There may be something up in or towards Kingston, but Im not to sure. Oh yeah, welcome to the forum. get some pics up.

Palthouse21 01-29-2009 01:16 PM

I am in Ellenville. I plan on getting a soft top for April - October. Needless to say I have plenty of time. Thanks for the advice.

orange05tj 01-29-2009 01:32 PM

Try checking out Craigslist. Ive seen a few on there for decent prices. If I had a hardtop, I'd sell you my soft top. Any pics of the Jeep?

orange05tj 01-29-2009 01:34 PM

wrangler soft top

heres one

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