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jp'rs_peep'rs 01-26-2009 08:13 PM

The dealership repair saga cont...012609
"Silver"('06 tj 23K miles 6sp manu 4.0L):


After posting about the noise in the driveline/power train I went ahead and made the official appointment with the same dealership I bought "Silver" from.
Mr. C. we confirm Friday opening time. So I get up and get there nice and early. Already all the bays are full as is the welcoming area. Hmmmm!
So we go through the proceedure yad, yad, yad... I go to the waiting room...Not to long after here comes the rep. We can here the noise and we think its the transmission making the poping noise. More persicely the clutch again, same as last time. We really wont know whats wrong with it till you bring it back on Monday. OK...
Mr. Rep? Did I miss something...This will be the 2nd time the clutch is bad in 22K miles? Is there something I'M missing? Will Jeep be doing something about this? NO Mr. C.
I really dont know, we just do not know yet what is really wrong with your jeep. We just do not have the time to fully diagnose this today. But we looked and nothing is out of place.

Thanks Mr. Rep

And I left!

The poping noise is still in the rear half of the jeep.

P.S. Just this morning chose to call the Jeep dealer about 1+ hrs. from me to try to see if the Cys/Dod/Jeep family is go'n be better with them. I'm tr'in to be upbeat with this other dealer.

So, had my appointment at the dealer an hour + away from home. Drum roll!
Got there drove in and filled out the papers. The mech takes "silver" drives her for a few laps comes back and says: Sir thats just gear lash. I'm not gonna do anything for ya! LOL!
I explain how it is not just a normal gear sound and challenge his diagnosis. GM quickly steps in. Explain situation again. We go for a ride he hears the sound says it doesnt belong there. He and mech go for ride. Fellow responds with apology! Accepted...
How do we/you resolove the issue gentalmen?
Exuse after exuse is brought out and tried in vain.
For example:
Sir your sound is equal to that of a rattle in the dash board...nothing more
Sir we wont check anything physically as this would not fit the guide lines of Jeep war'nty
Sir we'll need to charge $86 hour to find the prob
Sir we think the sound isnt much
Sir the coverage will not permitt us to check inside the drive train components all we can do is touch, tug and look
Sir the differential will be a seperate charge to open and verify if something is looose, missing, broke
Sir the age of the vehical and the mileage could have adjusted your backlash
Sir we wont verify its the u joint, that will be a seperate chargable per hour fee
Sir we think your over stating about the noise
Sir its good the sound is getting worse because that means it will break down and then we can service the jeep
Sir we think your sway bar link is screwy so well replace that next week when you come back to have it done

12/29/08 (approx. 9:20am cst)
Called earlier in the week last week to confirm the appointment and to let them know that the front window seal/gasket was falling out of the windshield. They repaired the window seal (this is good)& the links in the rear position. Dealer assured me he thought that this would probably not solve the issue with the popping/snapping.
Went to the garage today and lifted "silver" onto stands and checked rear brakes...there in great shape.
Pulled the entire rear drive shaft and put in 2 new premium U-joints....Still same popping/snapping.

They checked & checked, poke & prod' & they think they found the prob!
A bad rear drive shaft. LOL!
The GM comes out & says "C. u were right in diagnosis of something in the rear being bad, but its the the whole shaft not, just the joints".
They say they'll order the part & then put it in.
Thank God...I was ready to pull my wiskers out...LOL!

Now just to hope this resolves the noise!

012609 Now the update:

After the visit back on 011009 (6:35am)had heard nary a peep. LOL! Today after lunch stop by to chat with GM and see where we stand....He calls his subordinates to verify satus....Oh I think that part was order wrong and we needed to reorder it again...Oh sir, the part is here, but know one knows where it's gotten to...LOL!
Sir, Mr. GM it has been here all along set waiting>
GM: Did you notify Cj....?
Staff: Ahhh, NO.
GM: Did you call, write notice to the interested parties involved...?
Staff: Ahhhh, NO....
GM: What the F@#$ is going on here?
Staff: Ahhhhhhh, IDK....LOL!
GM: So and So, can we fix this asap, today?
Staff: Yes, Sir....

1+ later

Cj, yes? That was'nt the prob...LOL!
Staff: We need the key?
Cj: I gave you the key!
Staff: No sir the key for your new rims and tire combo!
Cj: I dont carry that with me. Idk. Did the part not resolve the prob?
Staff: No sir. Were not entirely sure what it is, but we need to remove the wheels.

Re-schedualed for 102709. They'll need "Silver" all day.
Oh, well.

So, any of you gents wanna lay odds as to what the official findings will be?

Axel tubes?
Wheel bearings?


Sry for the novel....Just needing to share this lunacy...LOL!:zap:

jpdocdave 01-26-2009 08:27 PM

dealer does not equal knowledgeable.

jeepjeep 01-26-2009 08:32 PM

all i can say is i am going throught the same thing right now... going in tomorrow to pull the trans for the 3rd time, after telling me it was the clutch the 2nd time , paid for a newone and problem is still need to describe your noise better, what,how ,when etc.

jgano23 01-26-2009 08:38 PM

i really can't stand the dealership service department. they know too little and charge too much. anytime i have ever taken a vehicle back to a dealership the problem is never fixed the first time, sometimes not eve the second time. if it is a problem i (or my husband) can't fix i take it to my local mechanic. he is great, he charges half of what the dealer does, spends half the time on the repair, fixes it twice as fast, and only fixes what needs to be fixed never pads the bill. the kicker about my mechanic is that he is not even a "jeep" guy eh does mainly foreign autos. anyway, i hope they get their heads out of their @sses and figure out what the problem is. keep us posted.

jp'rs_peep'rs 01-27-2009 12:19 PM

Shes at the dealer....snif, snif...


jeepjeep 01-27-2009 05:32 PM

x2... we will see...

Unlimited 01-27-2009 06:10 PM

Sorry to hear that you are going through such a hassle with the dealers. Hopefully they will be able to figure the problem out this time.

On another note, I have a question for you: If you don't carry the key to your wheel locks with you, what do you do if you get a flat tire?

rrich 01-27-2009 06:49 PM

The definition of "obsessive" is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results!

What makes you think taking it back to the same dealer over and over will get different results?

Even if it's a long drive I'd take it to another dealer and explain all the bull you've been through.

You must like the punishment you've been getting, else you'd do something different.

stevens243 01-27-2009 08:55 PM

Fixed it for ya. :wavey:


Originally Posted by rrich (Post 315036)
The definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results!

It's too bad that taking it back to the same dealer over and over isn't getting different results.

Even if it's a long drive I'd take it to another dealer and explain all the bull you've been through.

Or, maybe it's time to get the BBB, Chrysler, your lawyer involved.

Hope everything works out for you.

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