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YJSAM 07-29-2013 06:33 AM

NV3550 Chattering noise
Im new to the forum but am here with a question about a noise before i go start buying parts.
before all this i have to include that I have a diesel engine attached to the trans.
so here are the symptoms;
1. chattering noise while at idle, but when i push the clutch in just a little it goes away.

2. Chattering noise is still there when driving but not as pronounced of a rattle while sitting still.
Im presuming its the throw out bearing making that noise, but asking any way.

next this is a different rolling/chattering noise(most worried about)
1. rolling chattering noise when moving, expected with a diesel sounds like a ford trans. and is not the same noise coming from bellhousing.

2. when clutch is pushed while coasting and any speed above 10mph the noise does not go away, but makes a loud rolling/chattering noise.
it also makes the noise while accelerating but sounds more like a cup of marbles.
3 the noise still continues even if the jeep is in neutral while coasting. and even if i push in the clutch.

this noise sounds like its coming from the trans, maybe the x-fer case but im not sure.
Any one else having this problem or have any ideas, Im trying to gather info before replacing a bunch of bearings.

mrk130 07-29-2013 07:42 AM

The first noise could possibly be the throw out bearing. I have the same noise and when I replace the clutch, I'll replace the T/O bearing then. Some other more experienced guys can probably give you a better confirmation than I.

The second noise- Is this while driving fairly slowly?

jdiesel218 07-29-2013 08:44 AM

Check the mounts the skid plate mine was making noises and I went trough everything I could think of then dropped the skid plate and looked again and a transmisson mount was broken

YJSAM 07-29-2013 08:34 PM

the noise happens at any speed really just louder at 35 mph or faster. and there is some spectacle that it might be the chain in the x=fer case, the noise does fluctuate when accelerating , but goes away when i match trans and engine rpm, and still continues while rolling down the street in neutral.

YJSAM 07-29-2013 08:35 PM

trans mount is good, and it would squeak alot more than a rolling shaking marble noise.

jherrington 07-29-2013 08:39 PM

the throw out bearing is only spinning when the clutch is depressed.

If you are hearing the noise, and when you slightly push the clutch in the noise goes away, its just the clutch spinning inside of the transmission bell housing and the rest of the transmission spinning with it. Even though you arent going anywhere, the transmission is still spinning because the clutch is being spun by the engine.

The second noise sounds like a bad bearing somewhere. That would include it still happening with the clutch pushed in, and fill the requirement that you must be going a certain speed and up to hear it.

Redsand 07-29-2013 08:45 PM

If it's a rattling sound it is perfectly normal. Its just a characteristic of of the tranny

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Jeepfixer1 07-29-2013 09:06 PM

Rattling at idle seems to be a normal characteristic of this trans, mine does it too. However noise while going 35 is not, especially marbles in a tin can. I would put it on a lift and have someone run it up in 2wd then in four wheel drive. They make an automotive stethoscope that looks like a cheap doctors version except it has a foot long metal rod on the patient end that you can stick up to the trans, transfer, whatever while the offending noise is there. Works really well. They also make a set of clip on microphones that does the same thing but you can drive it down the road while using this. Lastly one last thing you can try on your own.
1) make sure all fluids are full
2) try putting the transfer case in neutral and run the motor and trans in 3rd gear at 1500/2500 rpm and see if any noise is there. If there is then it would have to be in the trans or the front bearing or planetary in the transfer case. The chain will not be moving so that would eliminate that.
3) you could drain the trans and transfer case and asses the fluids for metallic fragments or chunks. The trans has a magnetic plug and a light mushy metallic accumulation is normal. Large pieces are not. Be aware though the tranny takes special fluid and it is expensive. Don't replace with anything other than Chrysler fluid as it will start grinding going into gear.
4) lastly you could get going down the road about 45 or so and push the clutch in and shift the transfer into neutral just to see what happens although this doesn't hep a lot in isolating the noise.

Good luck and let me know if any of this helped!

YJSAM 08-06-2013 05:01 AM

I will put it up on a lift hopefully this weekend, right now i am trying to solve a buddies terrible Death wobble

YJSAM 08-08-2013 05:55 AM

death wobble fixed and trans noise
well good news, i fixed my buddy's death wobble, :) it was the u joints, they needed to be tightened and replaced one bad tie rod and steering dampener. cured it. people were swearing that it was the track bar but had nothing to do with it just loose u joints mainly.

Now for my jeep im thinking that the sound is most likely comming from the xfer-case. I tried to just put it up on the lift and accelerated while on the lift most of the clatter noise is coming from the back half. i ran out of time to test more but will up date asap.

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